Raise Your Vibe

Take a Balloon Ride

Raise Your Vibe   In Quantum Physics, Everything IS Energy, there’s  different realities and unlimited possibilities, as it’s all energy that becomes matter. In order to change realities, a reality that fires you up, lights you up, you need to change your frequency to align with it. So, raise your vibration!! 🙂 Jodi    


U-niverse   The Universe is God. I am God, so that means I am the Universe.   –  Oscar Wilde I didn’t want to change the quote yet please know it’s also Goddess 🙂 Trust the U-niverse – notice the U or You in front, to have my back. Oh wait, in the Quantum World […]


Reality     Imagination is more important than knowledge.       – Albert Einstein   Read that again!!   Our reality is nothing but an illusion. Talk about a mind f*@&……….but it’s true. Nassim Haramein has proven that our so called ‘reality’ is nothing but a feed back loop for our thoughts – in other […]

Real Food

Real Food   Have you ever stopped and thought about what is real food?   This is a long post and at the end I have a little gift for you!   In this post I would like to share a different perspective on real food, it may stretch you a bit, but that is […]


Consciousness has no religion, no belief, no ideology, no gender, no sexuality, no race, no age, no nationality, no judgments……….You ARE Consciousness!! After spending much time, as I shared in my last couple of posts digging in and doing some deep inner work this past year – I have also been diving into Quantum Physics […]

It’s Been a Year!!

It’s Been a Year!! Wow – It’s been a year!! It was 1 year ago today I arrived in Mexico to do my first out of the country house sit. I took the red eye out of Vancouver leaving behind snow and ice – first time I saw snow stay in Vancouver for more than […]

Your Life is a Relefection……..

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Your Life is a Reflection……. Your Life is a reflection and  extension of your mind – in other words, according to Quantum Physics – your life is a feed back loop showing you what you are thinking, believing and feeling. Are you in love with your life? How you live, what you do or who […]

The End of a Journey

The End of a Journey   At 6 am as I was waiting outside for my cab I was enjoying the quiet and warm breeze on my skin as I knew in 12 hours I would be freezing cold.  After spending 4 months in Mexico – my body, mind and soul had been so nurtured […]