$50 FREE Gift Card for Superfoods

$50 FREE Gift Card for Superfoods $50 FREE Gift Card for Superfoods at Purium – code is eatinghealthy (all one word) I normally don’t advertise like that but with all what is going on in North America with our food and eating healthy has become a make work project that should be easy and it’s […]

Jicama & Beet Salad

Jicama & Beet Salad   It’s been quite awhile since I have done a recipe so thought it might be fun to create something simple, yet fresh, raw and oh so tasty – Jicama & Beet Salad. Since being down in Mexico I have been eating so well.  For me, I know the warmth, sunlight […]

Healthy Eating Made Easy – FREE

Healthy Eating Made Easy – FREE Today only get your FREE copy on Amazon of my kindle book – Healthy Eating Made Easy and you can always check out my other 2 books with some easy but great healthy recipes!!!! A belated Happy Canada Day and early July 4th gift for my North American friends […]

Raw Stuffed Peppers

Raw Stuffed Peppers This is fairly quick and easy ad very filling!!  It can be used as a main or as a side either served whole or cut in half. This recipe will fill 3 medium sized peppers. – 1 cup Sunflower seeds coarsely chopped in food processor as above Mix together in a bowl- […]

Raw Chocolate Pudding

Raw Chocolate Pudding Where I live I don’t get to find young coconuts very often so when I go into the big city (lol) and find them especially on sale I am in heaven. If you haven’t tried one I highly recommend it.  Young coconuts, both the liquid and the meat is not only tasty […]

Raw / Vegan Green Soup

If after the holidays you are left feeling sluggish, a little heavy feeling, maybe a few extra pounds on as well, then this you may like. I also know after the holidays of some over indulgents this may also seem boring, but you and your body will love you for it!! It’s easy to make, […]

Almond ‘Feta’ Cheese

Almond Feta Cheese I love Greek Salad with  Feta Cheese or Almond ‘Feta’ Cheese, either way it is good!!.    This is another thing you can do with the left over Almond pulp from making Almond Mylk if you want to stay away from dairy or eat more raw only.  Can’t wait till these veggies […]

Broccoli Stir ‘Unfry’

Broccoli Stir ‘Unfry’ Wanted to create a new dish from a cooked dish which I find fun to do!!!When I started this recipe I had something else in mind, but just went with the flow!This is very quick and easy to do.  What I also found is you can eat it immediately, or let it […]

Super Smoothie

Ok, I finally got hit with the flu bug that has been going around our house for the last 10 days……ugh!!! Someone usually says to me ‘Oh but I thought you ate so healthy?’………there is always room for improvement, I’m not perfect. As I was reading Louise L Hay’s book this morning ‘You Can Heal […]

Apple – Pear Green Smoothie

Here is another variety for a Green Smoothie, that I think is yummy!! 1 organic Apple – peeled & cut up a litte 1 organic Pear – peeled & cut up a little Big handful of Spinach (that is my favorite but Kale or any other greens are fine) 1/2 Avocado 1 Banana ( I […]

Raw Creamy Cashew & Carrot Soup

Yes it’s summer but I felt like something different and this turned out well even cold!!  This is very quick and easy to make. Raw Creamy Cashew & Carrot Soup 1/2 cup cashews ( I soaked them for about 15 mins – it’s optional) 2 good size carrots chopped up 1 garlic clove 1/2 tsp […]

Raw Ceasar Dressing

This one is great and no one can tell that it is raw, even my husband likes it, actually he loves it!! It only takes a couple of minutes to blend this up in the blender and remember adjust things according to taste, this is just a guideline to go on, if you like more […]