How Much Raw Food is Enough?

How Much Raw Food is Enough?

Raw Foods

There is a lot of debate surrounding this subject. Some people say that you should go 100%. Others disagree. There are those who say that the only way to get the best from raw food is if you take nothing else but it. Other people say that a diverse diet composed of 50% to 70% raw food will do just fine.

Many things are open to debate in the raw food world. Take cacao for example, some people advocate its use and say that it is the answer to your chocolate cravings. Then again, there are those who say it’s toxic and that it’s better to stay away from it.

Whether you take cacao or not depends on your own decision and whom you listen to. The same thing goes for how little or how much your diet is composed of raw food.

 I personally believe that there are no rules to what percentage of raw food you should be taking. However, if there is anything you should be listening to, it’s your body.  We are all different, we are all unique and there is NO one perfect way for everyone.

Raw Foods

If your body is telling you that it can take more and that you can benefit from increasing your raw food intake, then go ahead. There are people who do well with 100% raw food diet. They see a great deal of improvement in their health from doing so. Many see it as a lifestyle, one that they cannot live without. It has become who they are and they cannot see anything other than taking it 100%.  AND chances are they live somewhere warm to hot and it’s easy to get fresh, raw (and probably totally organic) foods and its easier on the body when and where one is as far as warm weather is concerned!

On the other hand, some people benefit better from having a more diverse diet. It could be because their bodies cannot cope with some of the constraints of an all-raw food diet plan. Time and accessibility may also be an issue.

 If you are new to raw food and if you are wondering how much of it you should take, it is advised that you should only take the amounts that you are comfortable with. You can start with just a meal or two a day for a few days a week, or start the day with a green smoothie or substituting salads instead of fries. Some people need to ease into more- make little changes daily and build on it – don’t overwhelm yourself.

This is NOT a diet and should not appear to be restrictive – this IS a lifestyle – and one that will take you more in alignment with total health.

 Be sure to listen to how your body is reacting to your new diet. Take your energy levels into consideration. Figure out if you are getting a boost in your energy or if its making you feel bogged down.

Over time, your body will change and adjust. Soon, you may be able to live with a diet of up to 80% raw food. You may even be able to accommodate 100% on days.

The more clean foods you eat – even whole foods and or superfoods – the less dead, processed foods you will and your body will actually want or crave.

It’s better to have more real, natural food in your way of eating than not!  That is always the best choice over man made, processed, synthetic or chemical filled so called ‘food’s.  Think about that for a minute – what we now call food that was not around 20, 30 or 50 years ago

And now we have way more health problems…….it’s not rocket science!

Here’s a thought that may help you in choosing food – if it comes from a field, farm or forest choose it (with some exceptions of course like some mushrooms) and if it comes from a factory – stay away!!

Raw Foods

Adjust your raw food intake based on how your body is reacting to it. It is your best compass and the best way of finding out how much raw food is right for you. Keep things as natural as possible. Even if you do not go for 100% raw food, ensure that you still make healthy choices. Organic food items  AND NON-GMO will work well.

Don’t be so hard on yourself when it comes to making this decision. Keep in mind that you should always listen to your body. There are no fixed rules except nurturing and nourishment. Do what is best for you and the benefits are going to follow.

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to share this!!

Here’s to YOUR Health and an amazing day!!


FREE Recipe Books

FREE Recipe Books

Hello Everyone

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Here are just a couple of samples of the recipes you will find in both books that are easy to make – the links are at the bottom of the page so enjoy.

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Domales – Raw

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Black Bean & Edamame Salad – Vegan

Marinated Portabella Mushroom with a Creamy Dill Sauce  – Raw

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Roasted Red Pepper Spread – Vegan

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Eggplant Delight – Vegan

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Stuffed Peppers – Raw


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Amazing & Tasty Vegan Recipes Made Easy       jodiburke-180

Amazing & Tasty Raw Recipes Made Easy  amazingrecipes-180


Sunflower Basil Spread

Sunflower Basil Spread

This makes for a nice appetizer or snack, whether you eat it with raw crackers, on celery or something else you like better.  I love having easy, quick and tasty snacks.

Sunflower Basil Spread

1 cup sunflower seeds processed in food processor until crumbly

8 basil leaves

1 clove garlic

2 chopped green onions

juice of 1 lemon

approx. 3 oz of water

1/4 cup sundried tomatoes if in oil, if dried soak in water for a little bit

celtic sea salt to taste

put all ingredients in processor with sunflower seeds, process well

Spread on crackers or your favorite thing, eat and enjoy!!


RawRed Pepper Marinara Sauce

Red Pepper Marinara Sauce

This is an easy and quick recipe.  I made zucchini pasta for this recipe, but you can also use in pasta, and have still some raw.  Your meals should be at least 51% raw to really get benefits.  The more you can add in to every meal the better.  One nice thing about using zucchini pasta is there is NO cooking time!!!


3 large red peppers cut up

1/2 cup sundried tomatoes

1/8 cup olive oil

1 clove garlic

juice of 1 lemon

1/4 chopped onion

salt and pepper to taste

chili peppers (if you like)

chpped basil or cilantro


Put into food processor or blender and process until smooth, if you like that or keep it a little chunky.

Pour over zucchini noodles made with a spiroli, if you don’t have a spiroli or veggie slicer then you can grate it, but this is a great tool for making raw pasta.   You can peel it or not, it’s up to you!!

I add chopped parsley or green onion as a garnish.

Eat and enjoy!!

Cauliflower Cous Cous

Want a change from the grains yet still be healthy??
This is a quick and easy recipe and when stored in the fridge is good for a few lunches or side dish for dinner. Coniferous veggies are good for helping out with hormones as well, just in case you were wondering!!!

Cauliflower Cous Cous

1 head cauliflower broken up and put into food processor

1 red pepper finely chopped

1 cup chopped spinach

1/2 cup parsley finely chopped

1/4 cup cilantro finely chopped

2 green onions

2 cloves garlic minced

4 oz cold pressed olive oil (I might add a little flax oil or reduce olive and add flax since it’s good for you)

1 – 2 oz braggs

1/2 lemon juice

Process cauliflower in processor until finely chopped, put into bowl and add remaining chopped veggies and herbs.

Mix well.

Add oil and braggs and mix up well, you can always adjust these to taste.

I like throwing some chili peppers in with mine and a little avocado cut up on the side to finish it off.



7 Day Challenge

Healthy and Raw – 7 Day Challenge



choose this today as yesterday was my birthday and I had a fabulous day!!! I had to deal with a couple of things that I really wasn’t looking forward to, but they turned out well…….thank you!
I started my day with a beautiful walk on the beach with my dog Spirit.
I got to have tea with one of my BFF’s where we could really be open and honest and share……some good and not so good, but very important lessons.
I was feeling amazing and healthy all day.
I got to have a beautiful supper, that was prepared with love from some very special friends that remembered I eat raw even though they don’t, she prepared one of my favorite dishes!! My kids were with me and some good friends.
We ate.
We laughed.
I got to open presents and have Happy Birthday sung to me and eat Chocolate Cheesecake…….yes it was raw!!
Oh, and I didn’t have to do any of the dishes or cooking or cleaning…… good is that??
Sometimes it the small things that count, like beautiful sunsets, friends, good laughs and not having to do dishes that make the best memories.
Being present, being grateful and loving what is………is just doesn’t get any better than that!!!

With that being said, thank you to everyone for reading, sharing and leaving comments!!
For this giveaway, leave a comment on what you are grateful for in your life. Comments will be
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Have a beautiful weekend till then!!!  

Eggless Nog

Love Eggnog, but want a healthier or raw version??

This is oh so yummy!!

By the way, the winner of the last draw is……..Marie, drop me an email with your address and the DVD’s will be in the mail for you. Congratulations and hope you enjoy them.

For todays contest,  leave a one word comment on how eating healthier has affected your life.  And thank you all who are participating!  Comments will be taken up until Tuesday 10pm.

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Eggless Nog

21/2 cups almonds soaked overnight or a couple of hours (or brazil nuts)

4 dates

3 tbsp honey

1/2 tsp vanilla

2 cups water



cloves to taste

Put all ingredients in your blender and blend up well.

Strain through nut bag and enjoy.

Raw Chocolate Treats

Raw Chocolate Treats

I have been playing with some chocolate recipes and am finally finding one that is working.  When I really have it I will share it, there may be some tweaking needed still.  These chocolates have some good things in them like goji berries, almonds, maca and meta greens and they are raw!!!

Raw cacao has PEA in it, leaves you feeling more love, that is why chocolates are so popular for Valentines Day.  Some raw foodists don’t agree that it’s good.  I believe that some here and there is fine.  Anything that we over indulge with is never good.

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With much Gratitude


Raw Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies used to be one of my favorite treats around the holidays.  Memories of making them and sugar cookies with my mom when I was little always brings a smile to my face.  Wanted to try something different this year so here is what I came up with, I think this could be as close as I can get to the real thing.

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Raw Shortbread Cookies                                                                                                

This recipe is actually made with chocolate but you can make them plain.

2 cups almonds

Add hot water and let sit for a couple of minutes, drain and removes the skins.

1/2 cup coconut oil

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 cup raw cocoa powder (or omit this and add 1/2 cup more almonds)

Pat almonds dry and put in processor and process until fine.

Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix with a hand mixer for a couple of minutes.

Drop onto dehydrator sheets with the teflex and dehydrate overnight

Remove and keep in refridgerator.


Raw Mashed Potatoes & Stuffing

Just in time for the holidays!!!Day 4 of The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways!!!

Thank you to all who are commenting, watching and emailing, greatly appreciated!!

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Raw Mashed Potatoes
1 head cauliflower, broken into florets
1/4 C cashews or macadamia nuts
1 cloves garlic, peeled and minced (or to taste)
2 tbsp olive oil, or to taste
sea salt to taste
black pepper to taste

In a food processor, grind nuts fine.
Add cauliflower, and garlic, and process fine.

Add olive oil until mixture looks like fluffy mashed potatoes.

You may want to add a little water if too thick.
Remove from food processor and sprinkle on black pepper to taste

Raw Stuffing

1 C sunflower seeds, soaked and drained
1 C celery
1  onion
1 clove garlic
1 T sage, thyme, savory or any other spice you would like to add, I find that fresh herbs are much nicer                                                1/4 cup parsley

Salt and pepper to taste

In a food processor, grind soaked sunflower seeds fine.

Grind flax seeds fine in a coffee grinder.

Remove ground seeds to a bowl.

Place all ingredients in the food processor and mince.

Adjust spices and salt and pepper to taste
Place in a pie tin, or glass cake dish of suitable size and dehydrate for several hours until dressing has reached your desired consistency.

This recipe I tried using almonds, which worked fine, but a little drier than sunflower seeds, Sunflower seeds work much better.