Salad with Black Beans & Tamari Walnuts

Salad with Black Beans & Tamari Walnuts

Salad with Beans & Tamari Walnuts

As the weather gets colder here in Vancouver – and it’s cold right now – eating a plain salad for me isn’t always what I am wanting.

To put some yummy yet healthy things in to the salad to switch it up some what is easy and staying with healthy eating.

Even though salad is raw, adding in Black Beans is still vegan and so is the Tamari Walnuts – unless you heat it at a very low level (stove top)

or even dehydrate them.

Explore some possibilities of different add ons – like Lentils, Chic Peas, Beans, Raw / Vegan Cheeses etc with salads – keeping it vegan, healthy and tasty!!

I am not including measurements with this post as you can create or add in how much you like, whether you are making this just for you – for one meal, and / or lunch the next day or two, or a side dish for the family or a get together with a few friends.


Tamari Walnuts

Put in some Tamari (preferably wheat free) in a frying pan (or bowl if you plan on dehydrating them) – I use approx 3 tbsp for a handful of nuts.  Stir well and place on heat.  I keep mine on a low heat and stir several times while on the heat for a several minutes or until the Tamari starts to slightly bubble.  I then turn off the heat, stir the nuts and let them cool down before I use them (optional)


Combine in a big bowl

–  Leaf lettuce

–  Arugula

–  chopped Cilantro

–  thinly sliced Red Onion

–  cut up Avocado

–  1 can (or freshly cooked) Black Beans – well drained

Before adding in Avocado (as it can get mushy) mix all ingredients together. Add in cut up Avocado.

Serve, eat plain or add a nice Salad dressing  – oil and vinegar I find is great with this – always a good quality, cold pressed oil.  White wine Vinegar is a good mix too!




Greens, Greens, The More You Eat……….

Greens, Greens, The More You Eat……the better You Feel so eat your greens at every meal!!!there There is no better time than summertime to do this!
With all the fresh, different foods in season it is so easy to eat healthier and feel better. Yes the sunshine, being outside, taking holidays and more exercise all help that is for sure, but the difference in food does make a big difference in how one feels.

Since it’s mid summer and I know from going to the local markets that there are so many greens, herbs, veggies and fruit available right now, how about trying some different things.
First venture out and try some new veggies and greens that maybe you haven’t had in awhile or have never tried.
Or, try mixing new ones together instead of the same old same old. Now is the perfect time to experiment and keep it easy.
Here are a few suggestions for different types of salads:

Cucumber salad with salsa…..put some pieces of leaf lettuce on a plate with sliced up cucumbers on top and add fresh salsa on top of the cucumbers…….enjoy

Mixed greens with fennel and a fresh Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing

Take the salad you usually make and add in a bunch of fresh different herbs – basil, parsley, cilantro, mint or whatever else you can think of!!

Diced up tomates, cucumbers and avocados on head lettuce, choose an oil & vinegar or just eat plain, you could also throw in some sunflower seeds.

Arugula, fennel and strawberries make an interesting combination with lots of ground pepper (believe it or not it brings out the flavor of strawberries even more but make sure it’s freshly ground)

Watermelon & Olive Tapenade Salad – greens, cut up watermelon, mixed olive tapenade, lemon juice and a nice vinaigrette

Spinach, mushrooms, thinly sliced red onion with either chopped up apple or strawberries with a little grated cheese (if you want a brie is nice) and a oil & balsamic vinegar

Hey, keep it going, you’re only limited by your imagination…….eat healthy and enjoy it!!!

To Your Health