Programs & Beliefs are the Matrix

    Unfortunately no one can be told what the Matrix is, you have to see it for yourself. I’m trying to free you mind Neo, but I can only show you the door, you’re the one that has to walk through it. We can never see past the choices we can’t understand. The Matrix […]

Soul – What is it??

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Imagination is more important than knowledge.    –  Albert Einstein   What if………there is truth to this?? Chapter 1 – A Story of Our Souls – Remembering Love Once upon a time……… In a galaxy far, far away Source (also known as Creation, The Divine, Creator, God, The Field, Infinite Intelligence, etc. whatever you wish […]


Time Time is not money Time is your life or how you spend it. Time is creation, art, consciousness, love or not. Once you use time, There are no refunds or exchanges. Ever. Now, that there’s more time, It may be a good time to reflect on how time is spent. Yes, spent. As it’s […]

Intentions vs Resolutions

ok, lets be honest here, did you make any resolutions this year and if so were they the same ones as last years and the year before? Here are the top resolutions – that get repeated every year, year after year:        Lose Weight and Get Fit        Quit Smoking   […]

What We See

Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Imagination IS the language of the Soul. Pay attention to your imagination, and you will discover all you need to be fulfilled.   –  Albert Einstein   What we see……… If Everything IS Energy, and it is :), the range of frequencies (vibrations) that we “See” is a fraction […]

Language of the Soul

Are you listening to the call from you Soul it’s that longing that keeps getting pushed down it’s the emptiness that never fills up it’s that loneliness that never leaves it’s that doubt that you keep dancing with and it only gets louder the dreams get more distant the heart gets more shut down as […]

Nature’s Hues

Nature shows us many hues from her palette. All colours. She freely expresses herself deep from within her Soul. Yes, she is a Soul too! A person said to me once that a sunset is just a sunset, you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. I wonder what kind of life they lead. That is […]

Black & White

Black & White Color is descriptive, black and white is interpretive.   –  unknown Don’t ever let the light of your soul dim, even if the world seems black and white.” ― Tilicia Haridat

30 Days of Photos #11

30 Days of Photos #11   This one is called Flow. Yesterday I got a reminder of that big time. I was working on an image, with not a clear intention of exactly how I wanted the end to loo, but I was getting frustrated, things weren’t going smoothly or shall I say – in […]

30 Days of Photos #10

30 Days of Photos #10   Ok I have to be honest, I had to change the image I was working on as I was getting frustrated with the other one and that is not the energy I want to play and create in, even while learning new techniques! I surrendered, for now and went […]

30 Days of Photos #8

30 Days of Photos #8 I missed posting yesterday yet the image was finished – honestly 🙂 – it’s expresses how I was feeling. Somewhat in the dark, contracted yet allowing expression to come through in a different way. During the process of peeling back old skin, stepping into new energies – aka being an […]

30 Days of Photos #3

30 Days of Photos #3   It’s interesting to me, that I can finish an image and then several days later look at it and see things I would change or how it morphs into another meaning! This one did that on both levels for me, yet I will still share it 🙂 Sometimes that […]