30 Days of Photos #26

30 Days of Photos #26


This one I did keep kind of easy as I am working on a few other fun ones!

Yet I did learn a couple of new things!

Wouldn’t it be fun to explore new places, from different perspectives?

With a little more fun?


30 Days of Photos #23

30 Days of Photos #23


You might be looking at this photo and wondering what is so special.

I mean it’s cool and all, 2 young kids in Antigua learning the ropes of the selling their parents do at the top of the hike on the mountain.

But that’s not why I included it.

The real reason is I was working on an image, something different, cool, mystical and only had 1 more thing to do after several hours of working on it.

Oops, I closed the wrong window and I hadn’t been saving as I went.

Note to self – save my work way more often. 🙂

I didn’t have the gas to restart it today – tomorrow maybe.

I won’t miss a day though and I do have to do some clean up on this one!


Old Mexican Buildings

Old Mexican Buildings

Part of an Old Garment Factory in Mexico



Just took a 5 day little trek to the ocean for some fun in the sun – ok the beach!!

On the way there we went to an old as in 200 yrs old garment factory that the front has been restored on and an open theatre has been created.

One of the Halls in the Factory


The rest of the building was a photographers dream – ok mine 🙂  I love old fallen down buildings especially brick and wood, this one had much character and history!.

Parts Still Standing After 200 yrs…….or is it?

Thru the Old Door


On the way back we stopped at a 150 year old hacienda.  I did not know that hacienda’s were sometimes 1000’s of acres big.

Both of these buildings were big.

Just Part of the Old Hacienda



Yet, it was a form of slavery until the revolution in the early 1900’s.  It got me to thinking about history – or is there as in the quantum world everything is now.  So why does history keep repeating itself or does it?

Since we are multi dimensional beings, is it that all timelines hold the same energies, just different eras or themes but similar.

The Second Building


As in slavery – this time line covers it up well yet it’s still slavery.

Just think about that for a moment.

I’m Curious of the Stories Here

Yet, we can start choosing differently.

We are more powerful than that!



I forgot to mention, I took tons of photos, had fun and am excited about the stories I will be creating with them – this is only a taste of much more!!  I was in heaven!! 🙂

The Back or Middle of the Main House?