$50 FREE Gift Card for Superfoods

$50 FREE Gift Card for Superfoods $50 FREE Gift Card for Superfoods at Purium – code is eatinghealthy (all one word) I normally don’t advertise like that but with all what is going on in North America with our food and eating healthy has become a make work project that should be easy and it’s […]

Jicama & Beet Salad

Jicama & Beet Salad   It’s been quite awhile since I have done a recipe so thought it might be fun to create something simple, yet fresh, raw and oh so tasty – Jicama & Beet Salad. Since being down in Mexico I have been eating so well.  For me, I know the warmth, sunlight […]

Chia Cereal

Chia Cereal Raw Vegan Style     When I was a kid we got to choose our cereal that we ate in the mornings – little was known about real health back then and I am embarrassed to say my favourite was Count Chocola – seriously eh? My brother’s was Frankenberry – I know beyond […]

A Different Kind of Kale

A Different Kind of Kale   The other night I had a bit of a craving and decided to mix this up and see how it tasted!!  Oh boy, there was a little party going on in my mouth!!  It was exactly what I was in the mood for.  It also made me realize how […]

Alive with Energy

Alive with Energy There is a saying – ‘You Are What You Eat’. Just by looking at this piece of Kiwi is it not screaming out fresh, alive, vibrancy, health, taste? Take a second today and look at what you are deciding to put into YOUR body and what is it screaming out? Is it […]

Raw Truffles

Raw Truffles   This is one of two recipes I created – this one being easy, quick yet tasty – you wouldn’t know it’s raw!.  Again this recipe is a raw recipe so a great snack for kids or serve at your Christmas party / dinner – people won’t know!  Always use Raw nuts when […]

Hemp Hummus

Hemp Hummus     When I was pregnant with both my kids (now seems like many moons ago) I ate so much hummus that it’s amazing that that wasn’t their first words when they started talking!!.  Seriously I even made Hummus sandwiches – I love it, still do and have usually always made my own […]

Spirulina Krispie Bars

Spirulina Krispie Bars When I lived on Vancouver Island – I would visit this health food store that sold these amazing Spirulina Bars – don’t know the recipe and tried to copy it (kind of hard when you don’t know the recipe at all) but this is what I came up with and different but […]

Fresh Food

Fresh Food   Just as it is important to feed the mind with great thoughts, it’s important to feed the body with great food. Fresh as often as possible is best. Natural is easy. Now that IS Fast Food !!! Make it a great day and Eat Healthy!! Jodi

FREE Recipe Books

FREE Recipe Books Hello Everyone I just wanted to share with everyone the chance to download my 2 recipe kindle books for FREE Sat & Sun July 20 & 21 – my gift to YOU!!! Here are just a couple of samples of the recipes you will find in both books that are easy to […]

Healthy Eating Made Easy – FREE

Healthy Eating Made Easy – FREE Today only get your FREE copy on Amazon of my kindle book – Healthy Eating Made Easy and you can always check out my other 2 books with some easy but great healthy recipes!!!! A belated Happy Canada Day and early July 4th gift for my North American friends […]

My Thoughts on Food

My Thoughts on Food I thought I would come clean on why I stepped back from food and creating recipes and teaching more about raw foods etc Besides there being so many food blogs, books, recipes, opinions, diets and classes out there – it has become a trend and almost a preoccupation. I was at a New Years […]