To the Market We Go…..

Don’t you just love summer?? Well it is finally here, July wasn’t so great, but August feels like summer finally!!!
One of the reasons, and there are many, but just one reason why I love summer is the markets…….I love seeing all the fresh foods.

I takes me back to my childhood when I was little growing up in Ontario and my grandparents and great grandparents had a huge garden.  I spent many afternoons there playing as my mom and grandmother picked and picked so we could eat fresh food, little did we know at the time organic… freezing and canning it for the winter months.

It is so much easier to eat healthier in the summer months when we can either grow our own food or support our local farmers and head to the market.  Its great to see what is really in season as well and mix things up accordingly.

You can try many different salads with lots of different herbs.

Make a Zucchini Pasta and mix it up to your liking……getting more ‘raw’ into your summer!!

Great time to stock up on fresh organic garlic and Basil is abundant as well, so Pesto is good to make too and will keep in the fridge for a little while.

Berries are also in season so for anyone making shakes add those berries and lots of them!!!

I got this for our salad Saturday night, and treated myself to some nice fresh raw chevre cheese and added some herbs with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar and it was nice, and yes a nice glass of wine too!! 🙂

So go out and support your local farmers, change it up somewhat and eat what is fresh and in season cause it’s so yummy and healthy!!!

What’s Eating You??

Have you ever stopped to think or ask yourself  ‘Do I eat to live or am I living to eat’?

With being overweight and obesity becoming an epidemic in North America, it’s pretty clear to the answer to that question.

On my journey with  dieting, eating disorders, different diets or ways of eating (vegetarian, raw etc)  I know what it is like to have an affair with food.  Good, bad and ugly!!

For years I could pre-occupy myself with counting calories, no matter how little or big that number was, weighing myself, sometimes many times a day, fat counting, then when it came to carbs, proteins etc I gave that up. Focusing on what I couldn’t or shouldn’t eat, which really lead to binging many times -( love those guilt feelings and beating self up), to what was in the name…..whether it was a type of diet or way of eating…….”Oh no I can’t eat that I am a Pescararian Vegetarian (ha just not a regular vegetarian too boring), to a Raw Foodist – I did enjoy the looks I got from people as I could tell they were thinking I ate raw meat!!

This is the best one yet….”I’m a level 5 vegan….I don’t eat anything that casts a shadow”…….no I can’t take credit for that one!!!

Really those were all just a diversion to what was really going on inside of me, a way to tune out or put my focus on something else, something outside of me.  When that inner lonliness or emptiness gets paid attention to and filled by other means, and usually taking time for ourselves or loving ourselves, that emptiness, that well gets filled from within, from a healthy source and we don’t need to eat in the sense of overeat (and sometimes it works in the other way of not eating) we can then nurture properly.

Food can and is an addiction like alcohol, drugs cigarettes and so on.

Here are 2 things to consider, when you are eating, eat… nothing else –  no tv, computer or phone, very little to drink or conversation….focus on eating, tasting and experiencing the food, one mouthful at a time with lots of chewing… other words be present.

Listen to your body.  When you do the things above your body will tell you when it’s full, when it feels good or not (especially after eating some foods) and what it really wants to eat……it may surprise you.

Find a way of being creative or expressive…dance, art, writing or something…….without judging yourself on how well or bad you are doing it, if it feels good do it!!!!

Most importantly LOVE YOURSELF no matter what!!!!

We didn’t come down to experience earth to spend time beating ourselves up, let go of the things you can’t change, all the yesterdays that are over and be here now loving what is………..make it a great day.

Eat to Live!!!


What is Being Healthy Mean??

What does Healthy Mean to You??

We are all different, different bodies, different thoughts, different reasons of why we want to be healthier.
Here’s my thoughts……

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Dandelion Green Smoothie

Dandelion Green Smoothie

I decided to branch out and try one of my early morning Green Smoothies with Deandelion Greens since this is the time to do it. It’s Springtime, almost summer and Dandelions are in season.  Now, I don’t know if I would go picking the ones in your yard unless you know they haven’t been sprayed at all, but you will find them at the Farmers Market and in the Grocery stores.

I put the whole bunch in the blender, just cut the bottoms, so I was using the green leaves.

–  addapprox 1 in piece of giner, peeled and cut up

–  squeezed one lemon in

–  1-2 bananas

–  add some water, depending on the tickness you would like, if you like it thinner add more water, I sometimes throw in an ice cube or two to make it a little colder

Enjoy, you will find this Green Smoothie quite cleansing.  Dandelion Greens have alot of nutrients, are cleansing, good for digestion,  constipation and weight loss.

It’s good to mix up your greens and with these being in season, give it a try!!