Impression This one I call – A Moment in Time After my 30 day self challenge and taking a break from being on the computer so much, I have been searching for some things – what kind of Art Photography do I really want to create. So much of what I have created and still […]

30 Days of Photos #22

30 Days of Photos #22   I call this one Be Open We all go through dark times or unpleasant times, when we least expect it, the light shines and a solution or a new perspective can appear, especially when we least expect it! Jodi

30 Days of Photos #14

30 Days of Photos #14   I called this one Choose Joy A different perspective on – it doesn’t matter what’s going on around us, it matters more what’s going on inside of us!! Choose Joy whenever possible – let nothing steal your peace!! Jodi

30 Days of Photos #13

30 Days of Photos #13   This one is called INnervironment The overgrown weeds represents our internal state. We live in a reality where we focus on the outer environment and make it more real than our INternal one.  We rely on our perceived ‘perception’ of reality through our 5 senses – yet so many […]

30 Days of Photos #10

30 Days of Photos #10   Ok I have to be honest, I had to change the image I was working on as I was getting frustrated with the other one and that is not the energy I want to play and create in, even while learning new techniques! I surrendered, for now and went […]

30 Days of Photos #8

30 Days of Photos #8 I missed posting yesterday yet the image was finished – honestly 🙂 – it’s expresses how I was feeling. Somewhat in the dark, contracted yet allowing expression to come through in a different way. During the process of peeling back old skin, stepping into new energies – aka being an […]

30 Days of Photos #7

30 Days of Photos #7   Your Life as Art is the name of this one. Each day we wake up to a new day, What if…… we looked at each day like a fresh, new canvas waiting for you to create something on it. The paint represents things, people, events that you add on […]

30 Days of Photos #6

30 Days of Photos #6   When the fog lifted, she remembered the truth of who she was. This one is called She Remembers The fog represents the veil of amnesia we all ‘walk’ through when we incarnated on planet Earth for a human experience, into the illusion of separation, learning programs of discordant energies […]

30 Days of Photos #5

30 Days of Photos #5   I was just playing when I created this one, but thought why not add it in. You know how you doodle sometimes, or used to while in class, zoning out, or maybe on the phone and a tad bored. This was the energy of just creating. Sometimes those times […]

30 Days of Photos #4

30 Days of Photos #4     This one I am calling ‘Lighten Up’ I wanted to try a levitation shot.  Now, I realize I did it the harder way for the first time, but hey now I know 🙂 I also know where I can improve and let go of having to have it […]

30 Days of Photos #1 Follow Up


#1 Follow Up   What was I thinking when I got myself into this!!?? Just kidding 🙂 This one is called Dark Night of the Ego For me it reflects life There are good moments and bad, and the bad may seem hard sometimes but there is always the light, it just takes a different […]