Two weekends ago, a girlfriend and I headed down to Seattle for a weekend with Suzanne Evans and David Neagle for their More Life Tour.    There were other speakers there too of course and they were great, but we have had the priviledge of listening to these two on live calls for several months leading up to this one day event and my friend and I both knew we just had to go.
The cost was beyond amazing, and what we took back with us, besides a little fun at Pike Market, has been huge. Yes it was aimed at business and being an entrepreneur, but I want to take this one step further.
Since being back, I have gone in and listened to David’s Art of Success, and I do mean listened, not once but a few times.  When the student is ready, the teachers will appear.

I highly recommend checking it out, it is FREE but is packed with so much value!!

Maybe you noticed that I have not posted in the last 10 days……..thinking, reflecting, trying not to think too much, learning, patterns, beliefs, changes, programming, my p rogramming…….lots of questions and some changes, not always easy ones but good ones if you (me) are not where you want to be.

Yes this is based around business, to start out, but it really is interwoven with your life, you choices you make in your life and how you are living your life.

Accept 100% responsibility for you life.  Now, I have heard that one before, but I really got it this time.  How do we make decisions, whether it is in regards to our business, the food we decide to eat, how we eat, to loving ourselves to much lighter things like how we wear our hair, what clothes we wear, where we live and well, you probably catch the picture.

Accept 100% responsibility…….wow…….really?? Shit!!

Now, this is something that blew me away….99% of people are coming from a place of need, that is what they base their/we/me decisions on, usually subconsciously of course.

Needing what?  Love, Security and Self Esteem……….

People that truly love themselves aren’t looking for those things because they are already inside of themselves.  They know it and feel it.  So, when they make decisions, they are in line with who they really are, whether it be the car they drive, the clothes they wear, the job or business they have or the food that goes into their mouths.

Give that some thought for a minute and think about how or why you make the choices that you do, you may be surprised!!

Would always love to hear your insight.


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