The End of a Chapter
The Winding Road



After a long embrace and the tender parting of a soft kiss, holding back tears we said so long for now and I got into my car and drove away.

Just like the beginning of the drive down a road of twists and turns as it ran along side a fast running river into the mountains to climb high through the mountain pass – my emotions were dancing a similar dance.

An incredible amazing journey of four months with 11 weeks of it  travelling through 17 states and 7000 miles later my time in the USA had come to an end with an openness of when our next time was.  We had always known when the next time would be but not this time.

On top of those emotions was the Supermoon and it’s energies and an energy of one situation that was creating tension and separation.

For me personally, last week was an intense, emotional week that challenged me on many levels of my thinking, loving and being.

I realize once you go down the path of personal growth towards a higher consciousness, there is no turning back – dammit!!

It’s when in the fire I wish sometimes I could have chosen an unconscious life this time, yet at the same time I know once I move through the fire – the other side is worth every moment of the intensity!!

That is the one thing we must learn and embrace is that everything constantly changes.  That everything is Energy and Energy never sits still – it’s always in motion.  We are beings that think too much, love too little, take little responsibility for our choices and live at status quo which is mediocrity filled with much fear and worry today.

Fear and worries of who and how the new president will handle things – and I’m Canadian and we talk about this stuff!  So much fear on the news, worries about job layoffs and so on.

We are realizing the systems are broke and we can’t keep hanging onto old ways of living, feeling (or not), and being!
Old Abandoned House – Like some Emotions Should Be!

We are tapping into the universal collective, so when something like the supermoon comes it intensifies and if one is open to doing the work, huge growth and potential can come out of it.  It will illuminate your darkest corners, you shadow sides so that you can have a look at it and transmute it so that there is more light.  The world needs more light right now in a big way.

So don’t be afraid to go look at your stuff.  Learn how to move the energy, transmute the lower vibrations of fear, worry etc back to love.

Many ways one can do this – journalling, EFT or any modality that resonates with you.  Stop listening and watching all the fake news as that is controlled too.  Start by going inside of you – breathing, meditating, movement, journalling and listen, really listen in to what your heart is sharing with you.  Stop listening to the status quo.

Trust YOUR inner voice no matter what!

Don’t shy away from any patterns, beliefs or wounds you may have endured as we all have!

We are here or should be here to support one another through challenging times so we can raise all of ourselves into a healthier, higher collective consciousness.

I am so grateful that I had some amazing friends in my life that held the space for me this past week as I dove into my feelings – something that has never been easy for me.  One of the major things with an eating disorder is not wanting to feel – not wanting to be in the body as life has been painful, so we stuff it down, those feelings with food as a distractor.
From the Darkness and Clouds emerges the Light


All negative feelings and emotions just want to be seen so that they can leave and once you do it and keep doing it, it’s incredible how much lighter, freer and more joyful you can become.

So honour where you are at, ask for help, journal, take a hot bath, go for a walk in nature, ok I’ll be honest – I stomped through the rainforest dropping some F bombs 🙂 whatever works (as long as it doesn’t hurt you or someone else) – breath deep, cry and most of all don’t judge yourself, allow yourself the time to move thru this.

Remember, if you are too busy to do it when an emotion comes up and you keep surpressing them, then it will manifest in the body as some sort of pain or disease – remember – we are energy, the body, mind and soul ARE connected and we are in the dense third dimension but we can become much lighter!!

Since moving through some of that dark energy I will call it or intense feelings I have come out with more clarity, more self awareness and love as I embark on this new chapter in my life.

Great many things will be happening and I can’t wait to post and photograph them!!

That my friend is part of Vibrant Living!!

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Going Within – No matter what!


10 Responses

  1. WoW Jodi !!!!!

    So eloquently stated and so heartfelt!
    I felt your pain but also transitioned with you onto the other side of new beginnings, new energies and you will be as amazing then as you are now my friend. Proud of you!

  2. Wow Jodi – what a POWERFUL post. Thanks for sharing and yes Energy is always moving – so everything is constantly changing. I too have been going through a “metamorphosis” if you will and had a vision of a butterfly – that I took was evolving to this beautiful butterfly to embrace the new expanded version of myself. 🙂 All the best in your journey and looking forward to hearing of great things.

    1. Hey LT – thanks for much for sharing – butterfly is about Transformation – so be prepared for great things to start happening for you as you are so deserving and your music is so beautiful the world needs more of it!!
      Big hugs

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and heart warming experience, this is so well said and I am glad you shared and inspire others to go through the feelings of the dark to release them now and for good 🙂 i know this process all to well and I have been working with a team of supporters and friends like you who have aloud me the space to share what i was feeling in order to let it go..
    thank you for being a great friend, a great writer and wise beyond your years. thank you and I am proud of you xoxo


    1. Thanks sweetie – great to see you the other day and keep pushing thru it will be worth it as you are so worth it!! You’re a beautiful being!! xoxo

  4. The images which you have shared are really quite spectacular and technically perfect! The story you have shared of your experiences is deeply moving and profound. What I know for sure is that we, all of us, are in the perfect place at the perfect time in this Universe, which always supports love, light and growth.

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