Ken and I have moved twice in the last year, 2 major moves across Canada. As we sat in London Ontario we watched the Olympic torch go through Parksville BC, where we had just moved from. Then several weeks later we moved back to BC and watched the torch go through London.

Finally we saw it go through where we are now, and I must say it was pretty neat to see people come out and rally together to support Canada and what an honor it must be to be able to carry the torch for these people.
I have to say though in the back of my mind I kept thinking how much is this costing all of us Canadians??? Didn’t we just get finish paying for the Olympics that Montreal hosted…….in the sixties?????
We’re trucking in snow from 3 hours away as there is not enough snow for the skiing events. I think, ‘in this economy does this make sense???’
Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to take anything from the atheletics, I know they have worked and trained hard, but really……..trucking in snow???? When there is people around me that can’t find work.
Plus the cost to attend an event……….lets just say it’s out of reach for most people, or they have saved up for the last couple of years to attend this, either way, I am sure at the price, the events won’t be full.
That aside, I did enjoy seeing the torch come through…..finally in the place we live!

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