I don’t know about you, but I care about what I put in my body for the most part and I also care about what I put on it. Over the years I have tried to find healthy products but learned along the way that many store brands weren’t being totally honest or I would grab something that said it was healthy only to get home and really read the ingredient list.
Yes I read the list, I don’t always know what everything is, but I try and look it up. I like to keep things simple and easy and when there are alot of chemicals in things, it just doesn’t work for me. I don’t care if my lipstick will stay on for 8 hours, or my face will look 10 years younger, what is it doing to for the long run and will it give me cancer???

The Story of Cosmetics is a good short little video on cosmetics and other toxic products. Always be aware of what you are using, by not buying these products you are helping yourself, your health and the environment and hopefully eventally more people will change too.
Find a product or company that uses only safe ingredients. For me, that is why I choose Miessence. Whether or not you choose them (they have sample packs of alot of their products to try out and you can read all the ingredients and know what most of them are!!), find one that works for you.
To Your Health

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