Things Change


Just like the tides – things change.

In this game called life you are either growing or dying – with growth comes change, with stagnation comes dying or decay.

I lived on a sail boat once and I got to see up close the power of the tides and water and how it changes constantly and yes I do believe we are affect by it.

We are after all more than 70% water and if the moon and or other planets can affect the tides – the water, then it affects us too.

We can resist it, fight it, deny it or lean into it, allow it and go with it – the flow.

After all, water does flow.

It doesn’t care really what you decide.

What matters most is how you feel.

How you feel is important.

Are you living in joy, love, gratitude, empowerment, confidence?

Or something else?

Look around you, just like the tides things change.

When I go back home to visit in Ontario I can really see the changes – the house I grew up in, the neighborhood, my grandparents house, people (getting older :)) etc

When we see things or live something each day it may start to seem like ground hog day.

But things are changing, even a tiny bit each day.

Are you resisting or allowing?

You will know by how you feel.

Make it an awesome day!!


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