Oso, B & the street dogs.

Do that and more of them!!

It’s always about moving towards feeling good.

I am learning to cut out things that are

distractors, stress me, or just not for me.

When I came to Mexico, I was house sitting.

Over a 3 years period, I house sat for someone

over a year of that time.

It started with one dog, then two then three,

she now has seven dogs lol

I learned to carry treats with me as they are

many street dogs. Not as many now, since

there are some great programs of rescuing them

and relocating them – mostly in USA and Canada.

But I still carry treats.


Street dogs become your friend.

It brings me joy and them too.

Both Oso and B have spent time on the streets.

These dogs t hang out with the horses

and they love their daily treats – cooked liver.

The don’t do dog biscuits anymore lol

The greet me with their excitment.

How simple life is for them in some ways.

It makes me laugh.

Over the years of being here,

I’ve had many street dogs walk with me.

Some even escorted me when someone was following

of a sketchy character.

They know.

Like us, they want joy and love.

They get a treat, well ok two and then off to chase squirrels.

Life can be so much more enjoyable,

when we always move in the direction

of what feels good.

Yes, sometimes there are bumps,


Life IS supposed to feel not only good

but awesome!!

Find and do things that feel good!!

Create an awesome day!!



What is great about dogs is……

they are always present in the moment!!

Squirrel Chasing!

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