Akashic Record Readings

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The Akashic Records are based on the mystical knowledge that is imprinted onto our plane of existence in the non-physical world. Akashic is actually a Sanskrit word that means sky or space and the term of akashic record reading is used in theosophy. These records are considered to contain all of the mysteries of mankind and all of the truths we would like to know. They are sometimes referred to as the mind of God or as being the universal supercomputer of all things pertaining to mankind.
These records can of course only be accessed through astrological projections and they are in a constant state of being updated. Things change and the existence of man depends on all of these changes and thus the record of man also continues to change. This information is able to help a person to better understand the complexities of their lives and to use the knowledge to turn their lives into more rewarding experiences.
The existences of these records and the information they contain have been used since before the days of the bible as the bible referred to them as ‘The Book of Life’ and only mystics and sages could access the records.
As the consciousness is shifting here on earth, people are learning to access the records with great accuracy. Not everyone can or should access the records.
Many people believe in the existence of the records and in their ability to help us review our past and change our future destination by developing a better understanding of the things we have done and will do because of this. At times this will mean that we have to accept the things we have done in past lives and take steps to rectify actions we have imposed onto others to let go of things that happened in past lives that are not working in our favor today.
Everything from all past lives that has occurred are contained in the records – everything you have done and been in all life times. Therefore helping people to understand why they do things, are attracted to certain people, keep repeating patterns – good or bad, what their gifts, trainings and abilities are. In other words it can help bring alot of clarity to one and their current life.

You may have in the past committed acts that are stopping you from moving forward in your life. You may need to forgive yourself and allow yourself to be happy once again. All of these things are included in the records and you have to view them in order to understand what has happened, and what will happen as a result.
Past, present, and future all connected to make us who we are and give us what we have. The consequences of our actions will determine the responses of our futures. We have to accept the actions we have done and the consequences to those actions in order for us to move forward or change the path we are on.

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