Success, at anything, is a process, it just doesn’t happen overnight.

Last night I was watching an interview with Micheal Phelps, and it may seem like overnight success for him, but he’s been training since he was 11 years old (he’s 23 yrs now). For the last 5 years, he did not miss one day of training, not even Christmas, and on his birthday he did two trainings!!!

Now that is dedication, focus and determination. Not only has he won a gold medal at the olympics, he has won 14 in total and he’s going back for more!!

Here are some idea to encourage more success, love what you do, in other words be enthusiastic about it or have a passion for it.

Give yourself time. We usually underesitmate what we can do in 2 – 5 years, but over estimate what we can do in the next six months. It takes time to get good at what you are trying to do, whether that is a business or learning a new hobby or sport or anything else. Daily consistent action, or practice, practice practice!!!

Set goals, be realistic but also don’t just forget about them. Make a plan of action and keep the focus or end result in your minds eye for what you are aiming for.

If things aren’t going well or working for you, don’t be afraid to step back, look at what it is you are trying to learn or accomplish and try something different that may bring different or better results. Be real about it, if something is not working, admit it. Also, acknowledge what is working or working well.

Don’t be hard on yourself, sometimes things do take time to master or learn. If you love what you are doing and have a passion for it, then it should be easy to keep going till it gets easier or you see the results of sometimes hard work. Then you’ll know it was well worth it!

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