Don’t you just love summer?? Well it is finally here, July wasn’t so great, but August feels like summer finally!!!
One of the reasons, and there are many, but just one reason why I love summer is the markets…….I love seeing all the fresh foods.

I takes me back to my childhood when I was little growing up in Ontario and my grandparents and great grandparents had a huge garden.  I spent many afternoons there playing as my mom and grandmother picked and picked so we could eat fresh food, little did we know at the time organic… freezing and canning it for the winter months.

It is so much easier to eat healthier in the summer months when we can either grow our own food or support our local farmers and head to the market.  Its great to see what is really in season as well and mix things up accordingly.

You can try many different salads with lots of different herbs.

Make a Zucchini Pasta and mix it up to your liking……getting more ‘raw’ into your summer!!

Great time to stock up on fresh organic garlic and Basil is abundant as well, so Pesto is good to make too and will keep in the fridge for a little while.

Berries are also in season so for anyone making shakes add those berries and lots of them!!!

I got this for our salad Saturday night, and treated myself to some nice fresh raw chevre cheese and added some herbs with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar and it was nice, and yes a nice glass of wine too!! 🙂

So go out and support your local farmers, change it up somewhat and eat what is fresh and in season cause it’s so yummy and healthy!!!

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  1. just like high fructose corn syrup, on a daily basis, those who don’t pay atetotinn consumer copious [meaning entirely too much] of both HFCS and SOY. Soy is now in everything: bread; meat; ice cream; pasta; sauces; juices; waters. It is filler and a way for the food corps to make a killing in profit from turning a raw material into ten times the product. coupled with pasteurization [meaning boiling all nutrients and active cultures out of stuff to increase shelf life]