Weeding Your Garden

Let go of the Weeds for more Flowers to Bloom


Your mind is a garden.

Your thoughts are the seeds.

You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds!

  –  unknown

It was time to weed my garden on all levels – took a 5 day break from social media – day 1 was interesting then honestly didn’t really miss it – now I did miss connecting with some people yet I found myself wasting time in some of the sites recently.

I also did an Invironment one where I stopped eating – only had water, green drinks and fresh coconut water, massages, gentle yoga, meditation, time in nature and a deeper diving during the lunar eclipse of old patterns and programs that no longer were serving me and were coming up to the surface to be cleared – once you put your awareness on things no longer working to see what that is then you can clear them.

Had some amazing synchronicities that were letting me know I was on the right path as when you are working with and from the heart you can’t make this stuff up that happens to let you know keep going!!

I highly encourage spending some time going within, cleaning up any weeds of your internal garden – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually cause it is so worth it.  When we let go of old programming, negative self talk, judgments, criticism, toxins from every day living, stress etc it’s like pulling weeds from the garden so that the flowers – the truth, the beauty, the authenticity can shine through and we can connect to our self, our soul and our source better.

Let Your Light Shine

After all – in the world of Quantum Physics – where Everything IS Energy and the outer world is nothing but a reflection of the inner world therefore inside is where it starts!!

Got a few great things coming up so check back in!!



A flowering does not think of competing with the flower next to it – it just blooms!

No Competition, No Judgments – Just Be You!!

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