Looks like a beautiful flower doesn’t it??  In fact it’s a weed…….one that grows wild is out of control and taking over parts of BC where I live.  It started back in about the late 1800’s someone on one of their travels brought back a couple of seeds…..now it’s rampant.  it’s not native to here so it is taking over.  You can only get rid of them by taking out their roots, but it’s more like a tree, so it’s not easy.

They take over no matter where they are and they seem like the are beautiful…….but really they are a weed.

Just like a garden that you plant if you don’t tend to it, anything will grow, especially weeds.  They will take over and choke out any other good thing growing.

Just like your mind.  It can be a beautiful garden or not.  You are are the gardener and can plant whatever you want in it and if you do’t tend to it, or water it or weed it…..anything will grow, it will grow out of control and before you know it the weeds have strangled the beautiful flowers or plants.

Thoughts of health, love, joy, prosperity, creativity or lack, limitation, fear, anxiety, yeah buts….., my thighs are too fat and so on.

The choice is always yours.

Are you planting beautiful flowers?

Forgetting to weed out the weeds?

Forgot you even had a garden at all?

The outer circumstances and environment of your life are directly related to your inner state.

You are the creator of you life whether you believe it or not.

So, how’s your garden doing and what are you growing??


Woke up to this beautiful site – Dear in the Native Medicine cards are about Gentleness……be kind and loving to yourself yet firm at the same time!!


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  1. Honestly, when reading about this and founding out that it was a weed.. I was completely shocked! I mean that looks like a flower to me because I always thought that weeds were colorless. I think that this just goes to show that you can`t judge a book by its cover!