What Brings YOU Joy??

Happy Man in Mexico


Find things that bring you Joy and keep doing them!!

Say no to the things that don’t honour you or bring you joy – with no explanation to anyone.


Feeding your heart affects consciousness especially yours!

We are taught in Western society to think and be an intellect – how’s that working if you take a good look around? ┬áSo many disconnected, unhappy, stressed out addicted people.

Your heart’s magnetic field is 5000 times stronger than the brain’s!!

Your heart’s electrical field is 100 times stronger than the brain.

We are reality makers but we can only make what we believe.

How They Roll in Mexico!

If you change the electric or magnetic field by doing what brings you joy, what you love, who you truly be NOT what society or someone told you to do or be then you change the atoms.

If you change the atoms in fractal reality which is an illusion in the holographic world of Quantum Physics – you then change the hologram therefore your life and living!!

Create a Life YOU Love!!





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