People often inquire about my journey into ICM photography.

My answer is a playful one, driven by curiosity and a desire to break all the rules.

“I mean,” I tell them, “these days, everyone and their phone is a photographer.”

But I am decidedly old school. My roots lie in the film days, wielding cameras that demanded a manual touch. Light meters were essential companions, and the wait for developed images taught me patience. Being present with the subject was imperative—no rapid-fire shots, no instant feedback. It had to be good from the start, as reshooting wasn’t always an option.

Enter the digital era—a realm of instant gratification and swift adjustments. I revel in the excitement of seeing my shots in Lightroom, where they take on a painterly effect with my ICM. It’s like wielding a brush, painting with my camera. As someone not gifted in traditional painting, this, to me, is my art form.

When I gaze upon my flower shots, a lesson in softness and elegance unfolds. Everything is energy, in a perpetual state we cannot perceive, urging me to embrace a softer, a more painterly look in my work.

Sunsets and water present a canvas of beauty and nature like no other. They add a different facet to my art, a poetic dance of hues and forms.

What captivates me most about ICM photography is its inherent uniqueness. Ten photographers might capture a scene, yielding similar photos. But unleash them in the realm of ICM, and suddenly, no two images bear resemblance. It’s a testament to the unpredictable, a reminder of the joy in standing out amidst a sea of similarity.

Sure, the traditional approach to photography has its allure—I appreciate it deeply. Yet, my heart currently leans towards ICM, for it lets me break free from the expected, fostering my own distinct style.

So, why not give it a try? Doing ICM photography, let it breathe life into your creativity, and guide you outside the box of conventional photography, even just temporarily to return with fresh eyes!



PS Prints are available for sale upon request!!

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