Winter Blahs

Winter Blahs

Sometimes living in Canada during the winter months can gt pretty blah – especially here in Vancouver where it tends to rain a lot!!

This fall / winter for me didn’t start out so great, actually pretty crappy, but new things, opportunities and more took over and things changed – they became great!!

You might be wondering what happen to my blog as I have not been posting since the New Year – I was going through major transformation, life changes, building a business and really trying to decide what direction I wanted to move forward in with my blog once and for all – as I decided I didn’t want to keep continuing my food blog.

Now that, Spring is here, just like the animals I feel it is time to really emerge and share my new message, insights, my changes and more and have made a firm commitment to getting back into my photography.

So out of the Winter Blahs comes Spring where things are fresh and blossoming and looking great!!!

Can’t wait to share more with you!!


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