Happy International Women’s Day!!!

It’s been a little bit since my last post and I apologize for that……..have been fighting the flu (yup I got sick and hit pretty hard) and just wasn’t too interested in food or much else!!  Shortly before being sick, I was introduced to a movement of Total Wellness……Health, Wealth and Purpose which really caught my attention since switching  (if you haven’t noticed) Eating, Living & Being…….could this be a theme?  Can we start a movement???  Since it’s Women’s Day……..take a minute and just think about your life and how it is balanced or unbalanced perhaps.  For me, I love sharing healthy foods.  I have been on a path of raw foods, but to be honest, lately I’ve switched off of it more than usual, which really got me thinking, for one I live in Canada and it’s winter!!  Now, I do live in the rain forest, but salads just aren’t over appealing too much right now.  I want to add more just healthy recipes even if they have some grains etc, so you will be seeing more of that up coming.  I took a look at my life as well, how am I living, what kind of money am I making, what are my thoughts (your life reflects that), am I playing in life or sitting on the side lines? Do I have an attitude of gratitude or stinking thinking?  Am I attracting things and people I like or repelling them?  Am I walking my talk or just talking?  Am I loving myself and knowing my limits and my values or am I so out of touch………take some time to reflect or think  today…….about you and your life.

It’s International Women’s Day, so take some time for you………even if that is slipping out and treating yourself to a latte in the cafe for some you time, or a long soak in the tub with candles or hit a yoga class you keep putting off or whatever helps to fuel you!!!

Remember you are beautiful beings,  Eat Healthy, Live Well, Create a Life You Love, Make a Difference, Never give up on YOUR Dreams!!!

I’ll leave you with this quote

“You have to believe in yourself in spite of what other people believe.  That self-confidence is what brought me through everything in my life, and that wisdom came from my mom.  It is tough to remain an individual when we’re all asked to be sheep.  It is not easy being green.”  ~Whoopi Goldberg as quoted from the book “The Right Words at the Right Time” by Marlo Thomas