Ever get off in the wrong area?

This is just slightly embarrassing but at the same time funny and if I can’t laugh at myself who can I laugh at!!!

So, the other day I had to go into Vancouver. From where I live on the Sunshine Coast, that is about a 20 minute drive, 40 min ferry ride and since I was in a seminar, it was easy and much cheaper to take the city bus once there.
On the way home, later that night, I took the bus when I got back on the Sunshiene Coast as Ken was at an event and it was easier for me to meet him instead of him coming to get me. Well, Im on the bus and we are cruising along the Sunshine Coast highway, its just 2 lanes and not a big highway or anything. Remember, that I don’t think I have ever taken the coast bus, I’ve never had too. But I have taken buses in my life, so it’s not a new experience. So I am paying attention, or so I thought, but also know, that they are no street lights along the way and there is alot of rainforest, which means older growth, taller trees. Well, I missed my stop, I knew as I recognized it as we pulled away and I also saw Ken sitting there waiting for me. I still don’t know how I missed it, but it gets better. Of course I panicked and get off at the next stop, thinking I can just walk back, but behind the bus is ferry traffic, lots of it and it’s a little ways back to a path and I am dressed in black from head to toe including my brief case, so I think I’ll just wait till the traffic gets lighter and will start to walk. Yes, I could have just called Ken on my cell phone, but my battery just died, I’ve been having probelms with my cell phone and hadn’t done anything about it!!! Lesson learned!!
Well, once the ferry traffic thins out, it’s dark, it’s really dark! Remember, there are NO street lights. I could have just crossed the highway, 3 lanes where I was as there is a little campground with about 15 spots, walked through that, then down a short path to the end of my street, passed 5 houses and there is ours, BUT I can’t see 3 inches in front of my face!!! So much for walking back to the path, I got off the bus why!!??
Then I remembered, it’s all bush behind me, and I know it si February, but we’ve already had the bear at our house a few times since Christmas, so……..start singing Jod, just make any noise you can.
Well, thank goodness it only lasted about 454 minutes as I wasn’t dressed to be outside either!! THe next bus came, got me to a stop where there was a pay phone and I could call to be picked up.
Lessons I learned…..always have a cell phone and battery that works and while living in Roberts Cr. carry a flash light!!!