Yin Yoga

Stacey – Yin Teacher in Sayulita Mexico

Have you ever tried a Yin Yoga class?

Years ago there you would have never found me doing a Yin class – but that is when I probably needed it the most.

I was always busy doing something and on the go.  I did a lot in my day, I was busy doing and going and my work outs at the time were somewhat a physical work out – probably just to keep up with my mind!!

We live in a fast paced world now that keeps us busy doing things, going places or occupied by technology.

Many people have a hard time just sitting and doing nothing.  I know  – I was one of them!!

Siting Still Photo Credit Sandra Wagman

It wasn’t until my body said enough and I had to slow down.  At that time even doing regular Yoga was hard for awhile.

Then I tried Yin – my body loved it and it allowed me to connect more withy breath, be in the moment and become aware of how my mind kept busy – good god was it busy!!

This year I have been doing much more Yin Yoga and my body is loving it – I can’t believe how good I feel after.  Yin is where you hold poses for 2 – 7 mins and slowly go to your edge – it’s not about going deep right away but breathing into it.  Talk about learning to be present AND in the body!

In our fast paced world and also where we have so many distractions that can keep us from really truly feeling our feelings – like food, alcohol, technology etc Yin is a great add on.  Holding a pose is not always easy – most are on the floor, it’s learning to not be in the ego and push too hard too fast and also learning to be with emotions that come up as inYin a lot will be released and just witnessing the emotions (energy in motion) and learning to breath through them so they can leave the body – we hold much old trapped emotions, trauma etc in our bodies.

Ana – Drishti Center

Last night I had the privilege of being in Ana’s Yin class at the Drishti Centre in Ajijic Mexico – Ana is in the book Why We do Yoga – she is such a beautiful person and her teaching style is amazing.  She is inspirational, knowledgable deeply in Yoga, makes it fun, has great facial expressions for letting us know not to take it too seriously and a beautiful studio!

Yin has been around for awhile and what I have found out about Yin Yoga is that it is great for anyone who has had addictions, struggles with food and emotional eating, tiredness,  feeling over-stimulated, when your energy is too erratic or if your mind is overactive.

Ana – Drishti Center

I love doing it in the evenings – it sets the stage for a great nights sleep!

Give Yin a try and I would love to hear what you think!

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