I have done Yoga off and on since my early 20’s but never fully committed – seems to be an issue for me in a few areas but that’s a different post! 🙂

You may or may not know but I just did Yoga Teacher Training and I did so more for personal reasons – intuitively I knew the timing was right and boy was I right!!

On many levels I was ready to take this to a deeper level, yet it helped me move through much in my personal life as well.  Not to mention I met and have been meeting some amazing Yogi’s because of it.  I have started an awesome Photo Yoga project that I will share some of the details soon – these people are truly amazing beings!  They take their Yoga off the mat which I solve and respect!

One of the reasons the timing was awesome is I have been able to slow down in my life.  Now that doesn’t mean you can’t slow down with Yoga but I so realize how much I was speeding through life, living and the things I was doing.  I could have never done a Yin Class a couple of years ago and now it’s one of my favourite and what I will be teaching mostly.


It helps slow us down, connect us with our bodies, our breath AND our emotions – perfect for people especially women who have a million things to do, look after everyone else, have a hard time being inter bodies or even liking them, emotional eating or dealing with emotions – you can’t run and hide form them when they come up as you hold a pose.

It’s all good as they want to leave anyways – you get lighter, freer and feeling so much dam better about you, yourself, your body and life.

Yoga in general helps to be more present.

Yoga helps one to get out of the head and be more present and in the body which can be hard for some of us.
I look serious I know but I was concentrating 🙂

I love the movement, the outdoor palapa’s (here in Mexico anyways), how I can focus on me – I close my eyes as much as possible – I am not looking around at who’s able to do what or if they are better than me or what they are wearing – which I am finding out has become part of Yoga – not in my world!!

I also listen each day to my body more – some days I am very flexible, others not so much, some days I can try almost anything and maybe hold the pose and other days not a chance – each time is different, preparing us for living each day!

Yoga has been there many times in my life for me, I just wasn’t always able to really slow down and take it in.  Now I am in even much more deeper way than I ever thought would happen.

It also made me realize I still have much to learn.

Isn’t that what living is truly about??

All I know is my body loves it, my mind needs it and better breathing is essential!!

Why do you do Yoga?




Photos by Cherry Bomb Photography

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