Being Spiritual

Being Spiritual   Being Spiritual to me means………   Hugging the trees, Laughing with the flowers, Watching the sunsets and seeing their beauty, Listening to the birds sing, Blessing the water, Gazing up at the stars – wondering who lives there, Following the things that bring me joy, Being fully present in each moment, Listening […]

What is the Answer??

What is the Answer?? He asked her – What is the answer to saving the world? She answered – You are What do you mean? he asked She replied – You are the key.  Heal Yourself, Know Yourself, make Yourself Whole and Free.  Release ALL limits so that your love to yourself and others can […]

21 Days – it’s About You

21 Days – it’s About YOU Ancient Rule of 21: if you do anything for 21 days in a row, it will be installed as a habit.      –  Robin Sharma We were ALL born pure, innocent and full of love – somewhere along the line the story got distorted! The drug of choice […]

Mind Viruses

Mind Viruses Like computer viruses, successful or healthy mind viruses will tend to be hard for their victims to detect.  If you are the victim of one, the chances are that you won’t know it, and vigorously deny it.      –  Richard Dawkins When we transform our conscious and sub-conscious thoughts, we transform our […]


Bodies   Your body hears everything your mind says.      –  Naiomi Judd Being sexy is all about attitude, not body type.  It’s a state of mind.      –  Amisha Patel Embrace and Love your body – it’s the most amazing thing you’ll ever own!      –  unknown Don’t let your mind […]


 Soul   Lets get Soul naked, stripping down to our raw selves, leaving prettiness and inhibitions scattered like clothes on the floor.      –  John mark Green She threw away all of her masks and put on her Soul.      –  unknown If only our eyes saw Souls instead of bodies – how […]

Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul   I put my heart and soul into my work, and in the process lost my mind!         – Vincent Van Gogh Once you have come to know how great you are – then your heart, mind and Soul will not let you give up!!      –  Shubhanshu […]


Bodies Real Bodies are fat, and thin, and both and neither and otherwise.      –  Hane Blank There is no wrong way to have a body!      –  Glenn Maria You were born to be real not perfect! Cuz You’re amazing just the way you are!!   The problem isn’t with your body […]

Your Light

Your Light   Don’t you know yet? It’s your light that lights the world!!       -Rumi Don’t let negativity and darkness dissolve your light! Each time your embrace the truth of who you are, you bring a little more light into the world! – unknown The Soul has no secret that the behaviour […]

Full Moon

Full Moon   It’s a Full Moon – time to release the old and unwanted. What are you releasing tonight?? Tonight – March 31 is the Full Blue Moon that is happening during Mercury Retrograde – if things like technology or emotions or miscommunications are happening – step back, take a deep breath and know […]

Body Love

Body Love Everybody has a part of her body that she doesn’t like, but I’ve stopped complaining about mine because I don’t want to critique nature’s handiwork… My job is simply to allow the light to shine out of the masterpiece. ~ Alfre Woodard   If Everything IS Energy and it is – your body […]


Views   “Humans see what they want to see.” ― Rick Riordan,  (or I could add are programmed to see)    “All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche “There are things known and there are things unknown, and […]