I am an artist, a creative being,  specializing in ICM – Intentional Camera Movement, yet I truly do love many genres of Photography especially when it takes one past the linear, every day ‘reality’.

I am happiest when I am creating – Photography, Encaustic, preparing food, etc

It’s nurturing to my Soul and that now is so important to me.

Being able to use my camera  as a paint brush and my imagination to create pieces of unique art that features nature in a timeless way is my creative expression and what fuels me.  It’s where energies of curiosity, playfulness and creativity are heightened for me.

I spent too many years working ‘jobs’ to pay the bills, now it’s time for my creative expression to be felt, expressed and shared.

Creating takes me on a journey where time doesn’t exist, I have to surrender to the process, trust as the mystery of not knowing the ‘how’ it will work out always, yet, still within a certain radius and knowing it is meant for someone, somewhere who will love it as much as I have creating it.

Please reach out for any  photography that you would like to purchase.

Bringing beauty, inspiration and a different perspective into my creations!

Gallery and Prints for Sale