Beyond the Illusion

I’m Jodi

Little did I know at the time, yet my journey started in 2000 when I got introduced to Reiki, from there I worked with a medicine women who planted a lot of seeds for this time we are in now and over the years I have studied, read about, took workshops or courses in, had sessions with a practitioner or got certified in many different alternative healing modalities – too many to list.

I had trauma to heal and I always felt not good enough.  I’ve struggled with a few things in my life – an eating disorder, addiction, failed marriages – married the same guy twice, different face, different place but same energies.

I was searching for something and I truly thought I was broken as life was not easy and I was not following my passions.  Heck, I couldn’t remember even what they were!  I always pretended like everything was fine, but inside I was crumbling.

There were also many beautiful moments in my life yet I felt like something was missing.  I started questioning working all these hours every week, asking is this what life is about, day in and day out. Is this what we came here for – to work hard 40+ hours a week, get home, have dinner, bath the kids, put them in bed and get up and do it again tomorrow.  I was starting to feel kind of dead inside, yet something kept propelling me forward.


In December of 2016, I came to Mexico for a two week house sit and in those two weeks the rug got pulled out from under me and it was like my Soul (or something) took everyone and everything out of my life that was a distractor and put me in a place where I didn’t know a soul, couldn’t speak the language and had pets to care for.  Little did I know that was the start of my dark night of the soul, yet house sits showed up easily and consistently. I stayed in great places with great people and the deep inner journey started.  I fell in love with Mexico and had no desire to go back to Canada.


It led me down further now of Akashic records, Human Design, DNA activation, Yoga teacher training and more eventually leading me to going a little deeper into consciousness, holographic reality and the matrix. 


I was gaining a lot of knowledge and awareness but my outer reality was not shifting until I really started to slow down and go within not take another course or certification. That is when the shifts really started to happen. From the inside out!


In my programs, through my experiences and my perspectives I share from firsthand experience how one can turn their lives around and move in the direction of their desires no matter what.


I love being out in nature hiking with my dogs or walking the beach photographing the water and beautiful sunsets, Encaustic art (studio and art coming soon) taking a siesta in the hammock in the hot afternoons and of course the beautiful Mexican markets and culture.


Life IS created By me, For me & Thru me NOT to me!

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