Jodi Burke


I’m Jodi

an  Artist & Author

I use those words to describe what I love to do, yet I am none of those labels.

 It’s unclear whether I perceive things differently or simply observe them differently, but I do. Over time, I’ve come to embrace this unique perspective, which leads me to the enchanting realms of ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) and minimalist photography. I’m also drawn to what lies beyond our linear, logical thinking, transcending the boundaries of what I’ve been taught or conditioned to believe. I have an unquenchable thirst for truth and wisdom, a desire to comprehend the inner workings of this reality, knowing it holds more depth than what I’ve been told.

For me, these art forms are more than just visual expressions; they’re metaphors for energy, the very essence of existence. I’ve come to understand that when energy slows down, it takes form, and from our perspective, it becomes reality.

ICM photography allows me to paint with my camera creating unique, ethereal images that are one of a kind.  In some of them, it looks like energy is still in motion and not quite formed yet, which can be a powerful metaphor for possibilities and endless creativity as no 2 ICM images will ever be the same


Minimalist photography is my recent muse, though I didn’t know it until I found it. In a world filled with noise and distractions, this style of photography allows me to capture a fragment of something grander. It holds onto detail while leaving the rest to the creative imaginations of those who view it. It’s like taking a deep breath in a chaotic world, reminding me that it’s not only okay to slow down—it’s necessary.

Alongside my passion for art and photography, I’m a student of the cosmos, delving into the mysteries of quantum physics and the dance of energy. I love afternoon siestas, the serenity of beach walks, the vibrancy of markets, the adventure of hiking with my dogs, the inspiration I discover in galleries and living in Mexico.

Life IS created By me, For me & Thru me

In The Moment - Jodi Burke