Beyond the Illusion

I’m Jodi

In the year 2000, my journey began with an introduction to Reiki, a spark that ignited a path of profound discovery. Guided by a wise medicine woman, I found myself surrounded by seeds of wisdom, sown for the very times we now inhabit. Over the years, my quest led me through a mosaic of alternative healing modalities—each workshop, session, and certification adding a new level to my evolving awareness.
Amidst the search, I grappled with a sense of brokenness, navigating a life where passion seemed elusive and the facade of normalcy strained. Despite fleeting moments of beauty, an insatiable feeling persisted—a void that cast doubt on the relentless grind of daily existence. Was this the essence of life? To toil through endless hours, only to rinse and repeat each day?
Yet, through it all, a resilient spirit within me refused to give up.

In my programs and through my unique journey, I draw from personal experiences to illuminate the transformative power of pursuing one’s dreams, regardless of obstacles. I’ve walked that path myself, reigniting my passion along the way. Therefore, sharing the steps and simplifying it.

Since the age of 11, when I got my first camera as a gift from my grandparents, photography captured my heart. Though I studied it and even won a couple of awards, I lacked the confidence to fully embrace it—until recent years, when I ventured into ICM – Intentional Camera Movement and now cinematography, expanding my creative horizons.

Since, I have become an advocate of trusting and following paths illuminated by passion, authenticity, and joy—a creed that breathes life into genuine creative expression from within each one of us.

When I’m not immersed in these passions, you’ll find me hiking in nature with my dogs, capturing the dance of water and sunsets along beach walks, exploring the enchanting world of Encaustic art (with my studio and upcoming art), indulging in afternoon siestas in my hammock, and enjoying the vibrant markets and culture of Mexico.

Life IS created By me, For me & Thru me NOT to me!

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