I am an artist, a creative being,  specializing in ICM – Intentional Camera Movement, Sound Baths and sometimes Encaustic (when there is a studio).

I am happiest when I am creating, whether it be photography, art or sound baths.

It’s nurturing to my Soul and that now is so important to me.

Being able to use my camera, my torch  as a paint brush to create pieces of unique art that features nature in a timeless way is my creative expression and what fuels me.  It’s where energies of curiosity, playfulness and creativity are heightened for me.

Sound baths are similar, nurturing for the body and soul.  It’s where I have learned to let go, connect with a higher source, be guided and heal.  It’s all vibration!

Over the years I lost the connection with myself, my soul and my source, yet it’s never truly lost, only perceived.  I have done Photography in many ways over the years and became certified in many alternative healing modalities before Sound Baths, which found me.

Creating takes me on a journey where time doesn’t exist, I have to surrender to the process, trust as the mystery of not knowing the ‘how’ it will work out always, yet, still within a certain radius and knowing it is meant for someone, somewhere who will love it as much as I have creating it.

Please reach out for any art or photography that you would like to purchase and check the link for local and online Sound Baths.

Bringing beauty, harmony and health into every day reality!

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