What IF………

What IF…….. ……..there really was Magic? There can be, yet one has to be willing to look within, let go of programming, beliefs, triggers and points of view that limit you. The yoUniverse is full of unlimited possibilities. So why stay in limited possibilities? That is where so called ‘magic’ is!! After all – You […]



Duality   Duality is just like a photograph that is black and white. Black – White Dark – Light We all have darkness and light within ourselves,  also known as a shadow self – the parts unseen or not wanting to look at. Dense emotions such as fear, shame, guilt, judgments etc, hidden aspects, wounded […]


Awakening     The Living Soul of a man, once conscious of it’s power, cannot be quelled.      –  Horace Mann The authentic Self is the Soul made visible.     What does Awakening even mean – and I don’t mean from sleep – well now that I write that, I stand corrected – […]

Raw, Naked and Beautiful

Raw, Naked and Beautiful   Most people do not see their beliefs. Instead their beliefs tell them what to see. This is the simple difference between clarity and confusion.     – Matt Khan   I am also pretty sure that the title Raw, Naked and Beautiful could have some pretty interesting thoughts or images […]

Slow Down

Slow Down It’s when we slow down, connect with our breathe, be fully present in the now Be still See the beauty in even the smallest of things See Feel Be Love As Everything IS a reflection and an extension of YOU. Your relationship with self, food and your body extends out into the world […]

Surviving vs Thriving

Surviving vs Thriving   Surviving vs Thriving Do you want to survive or thrive in your life? Each moment we have is a choice – we get to choose how we feel, what we think and how we live our lives.  So what is the difference? Survival choose the path of least resistance settle in […]


Receiving Receiving – how well are you at receiving? Gifts? Compliments? Money? New ideas or ways of doing things? When we aren’t able to receive it’s like having a closed door that we don’t or can’t open – we are literally being closed off.  The other night I was given a personal compliment, which I […]

Higher Vibe Living

Higher Vibe Living My first video on Higher Vibe Living! I decided to create a short  video to share from my heart about moving in the direction of Higher Vibe Living – why and what it means to me and reaching out to women especially women who have and do struggle with emotional eating – […]

Higher Vibe Living

Higher Vibe Living   What exactly is High Vibes? Why did I change my tag line? I will be short here as while I was writing the post it got way too long lol way too much to share!! In short for this post: Everything is Energy and therefore everything has vibration!! We need to raise […]

Shine Your Light

Shine Your Light   Don’t be afraid to Shine your Light Remember the Sun doesn’t give a shit if it blinds you!! Owning our stories can be hard but not really as difficult as spending our lives running from them. Remember they are just stories and can be changed whenever you decide to. The world […]

Growing & Expanding

Growing & Expanding When we are truly growing and expanding we are bringing Consciousness to our Unconscious patterns and ways of being. Letting go of Fears, Judgments, Lies and Survival. We can build a Depth of Self Awareness that enables us to Live more Fully, Love more Deeply, Communicate more Honestly therefore allowing ourselves to […]

Consciousness – Yoga – Photography

Consciousness – Yoga – Photography Quite the combination eh? You are probably wondering how that came about?

Over the years, with many modalities, workshops, reading and from experiences has come learning and growing. I have dived into consciousness and quantum physics off and on over the years not always understanding it. People use the words, yet I feel very few people truly embody it.

What I have and still am learning with an eating disorder it goes much deeper into the psyche than I ever realized, so it’s become more of my mission to dive even deeper in.