Real Food

Real Food   Have you ever stopped and thought about what is real food?   This is a long post and at the end I have a little gift for you!   In this post I would like to share a different perspective on real food, it may stretch you a bit, but that is […]

$50 FREE Gift Card for Superfoods

$50 FREE Gift Card for Superfoods $50 FREE Gift Card for Superfoods at Purium – code is eatinghealthy (all one word) I normally don’t advertise like that but with all what is going on in North America with our food and eating healthy has become a make work project that should be easy and it’s […]

Food is Becoming Boring

Food is Becoming Boring   There is so much talk about food, blogs about food, websites about food and controversy about food that I feel like I just want to step back. I mean that in a way that there is some great sites and people doing some great things like Food Babe and Natural […]

Eating Healthy While Travelling

Eating Healthy While Travelling     Many people have asked me about how did we eat healthy while travelling? If you’ve ever travelled in the USA (and Canada and probably many other places) you will find that it’s all the same restaurants whether sit down, fast food or in between.  Has that ever made you […]


Markets   I know for many of us, markets could be a thing of the past with summer ending and well into fall! I don’t know if you take the time to shop at markets or not but highly encourage you to do so. I have been hearing from many people similar things like – […]

Why Do You Eat?

Why Do You Eat?   Have you ever really stopped and asked yourself ‘why do I eat?’ Is it for fun, entertainment or nourishment? What do you eat? By that I mean have you been programmed to eat according to what the Standard American Diet is – S.A.D………….hmmmmm and I wonder who is behind that […]

Chic Pea Salad

Chic Pea Salad   It’s been a little while since I have posted, been doing some travelling, focusing in on my business and really wanting to know the direction of my blog.  How could I provide better and something different, as time passes I realize there are many similar blogs and recipes out there – […]

Raw Spiced Pear Crisp

Raw Spiced Pear Crisp   I used to love baked Apple Crisp – now I love the raw kind 🙂 Pears jumped out at me the other day and I thought why not!!? And why to create it a little different with a little spice. Healthy eating made easy and adding in a little more […]

Cleansing Soup

Cleansing Soup       Since I am doing a cleanse right now this recipe was perfect, but you don’t need to be on a cleanse to eat it.  It is tasty, filling, easy to make and nutritious too. This soup is totally raw / vegan and as well Gluten Free – making eating healthy […]

Super Foods for Super People

Super Foods for Super People I just had an older video clip with David Sandoval shared with me and I had to share it with others as it is totally about eating healthy!! In this short clip he talks about models, anorexia, bulimia, why superfoods and the rewards for eating this way! How the 10 […]

Spirulina Balls

Spirulina Balls       One of the biggest things I am finding is the more Super Foods I have added into my way of eating (no not a ‘diet’) the less food I actually eat!! It’s true!! Why is that?? There is a BIG difference between eating and feeding the body today.  If you […]

My Bitchin Sauce & Food Revolution Summit

My Bitchin Sauce & Food Revolution Summit       Food Revolution Summit with Ocean & John Robbins AND 24 of the Top Food Experts!!   If you think you are eating healthy – you may want to tune into and listen to as many free interviews as possible.  I thought I knew a lot […]