What We See

Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Imagination IS the language of the Soul. Pay attention to your imagination, and you will discover all you need to be fulfilled.   –  Albert Einstein   What we see……… If Everything IS Energy, and it is :), the range of frequencies (vibrations) that we “See” is a fraction […]

Creating Our Reality

Creating Our Reality   ‘You are a living magnet. What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts.’      –  Brian Tracy ‘Our intentions create our reality.’      –  Wayne Dyer   Creating our reality from our Consciousness which is awareness which comes through our filters, beliefs, patterns, programs […]


Programming Programming in our societies is deep and rampant.  I can finally see it so clearly!! A lot of our old Programming needs to be deleted!! Everything we do are programs. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton we are fully programmed by age 7 – yes 7 years old!!  We come into the world pure love […]

Spend Time in Nature

Spend Time in Nature When was the last time you really spent some time in nature – no phone, being quiet and really looking around and seeing the beauty of nature?? I encourage you to spend some time in nature, and if the weather permits – take your shoes off and really connect with the […]

Higher Vibe Living

Higher Vibe Living   What exactly is High Vibes? Why did I change my tag line? I will be short here as while I was writing the post it got way too long lol way too much to share!! In short for this post: Everything is Energy and therefore everything has vibration!! We need to raise […]


Energy   I am not sure if it’s the Saggittarian in me or the way I am wired, but I have a thirst for certain knowledge, a knowingness about certain things and a deep desire to learn and grow more.  When I’m not learning, growing, expanding & creating ( and yes that can even be […]

Planets Retrograding

Planets Retrograding   ‘The goal is to die with memories NOT dreams!! If you don’t know much about Astrology, and I don’t, I just know that when Mercury Retrogrades things like communication break downs, misunderstandings, computer issues etc happen more frequently and it’s a good time to go within and not to take on new […]