Tis the Season

Merry Christmas

Feliz Navidad

Joyous Noel

Happy Holidays

No matter what you prefer to say or hear,

No matter where you are,

who you are with or not,

At this time of the year, may you be filled with Joy, Love & Gratitude

no matter what.

And may the Light within continue to shine brighter,

That is my wish for you!!!




Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays!!

Stanley Park

A little late – my mistake I had something happen to my Aweber account and my posts did not go out.  I had an amazing Christmas day – keeping it low key and with special people.  Had a great walk on the Sea wall in Stanley Park since it was kind of sunny and nice for a day in December – many other people had the same idea.

My wish is for you to have some amazing times during the holidays – reach out to people you may not know or are having a difficult time – we are not separate – we are one and I know for myself I have so much to be thankful for.  Enjoy the moment, laugh often, see the beauty – (as I breathed it in yesterday walking along the ocean), have an attitude of gratitude and let the stress go – breath – it is all perfect – remember the KISS method – Keep It Simple Sweetie!!

The next week will be busy for some of us and for me and many others we are already preparing ourselves, minds, bodies for an amazing 2015.

Hope you will join us!!

Have a fantastic Boxing Day and Happy Holidays!!