comes in many forms!! This one touches on masks – for an ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) photo submission called ‘Masked Duality’. Did you know, the blue and white masks take 450 years to break down?  I didn’t and yes, you read that correct, no typo there at all!!! Submission is also the act or fact […]

Law of Vibration

Law of Vibration Law of Vibration – Just as a pebble can create vibrations that appear as ripples which travel outward in a body of water – your thoughts create vibrations and attracts similar vibrations (we are over 70% water btw) that manifest as circumstances and people in your life. At any given moment you […]



Cuba   As you may or may not know I spent the lat 10 days in Cuba!  I didn’t just go MIA 🙂 One of the places on my bucket list before it really changed as I so wanted to photograph there.   I don’t know where to begin with my experience – lets just […]

Raw, Naked and Beautiful Update

Raw, Naked and Beautiful     This was the project I started earlier this year, but with travelling and moving it didn’t stay in the front of my projects.  Also trying to find locations as I don’t have a studio hasn’t always been easy to shoot mostly nudes.  Now that the weather is rainy, grey […]

The Ups and Downs of Travelling

The Ups and Downs of Travelling   Just arrived back after travelling for approximately 11 weeks, through 17 states and almost 7000 miles…………’s been incredible yet not always easy!! lol Oh the ups and downs of travelling!! For the most part it’s been fantastic.  Saw many places I’ve never seen before, met many new friends, […]

Another Update

Another Update   Just wanted to share another update of our travels.  I have not been posting much as you know due to little to no internet and when we do have some its catch up time or time with special friends.  This journey is really showing me to be fully present in the moment, […]

Healthy People – Tandi Canterbury Rolen

Healthy People – Tandi Canterbury Rolen This is starting to be so much fun for me – connecting with healthy, conscious, loving, amazing people and bringing it out to others!!!   Meet Tandi Canterbury Rolen   Last week I got to sit with Tandi for al little bit and have an conversation – this beautiful […]

2014 Thoughts

2014 Thoughts 2014 was a very interesting year for me.  I had many experiences this year – ALL about growth, not always fun but reflecting back ooooh so worth it!!.  If we are not stretching ourselves and growing / expanding then decay, death, aging, limitation set in.  Some were hard, a few even painful lessons […]

Spirulina Krispie Bars

Spirulina Krispie Bars When I lived on Vancouver Island – I would visit this health food store that sold these amazing Spirulina Bars – don’t know the recipe and tried to copy it (kind of hard when you don’t know the recipe at all) but this is what I came up with and different but […]

Slowing Down

Slowing Down   When we really start paying attention – all the signs are there especially the ones our bodies are sending us IF we are paying attention or open to receive them.  Slowing down can be hard for many people especially for parents, single parents or multi- taksers…….something I know well!! I have been […]

Being Present

Being Present I have been thinking lately about how many people really aren’t present when they are eating. I know quite a few as I watch people and they usually aren’t present in their daily activities. How many times have you eaten in front of the tv (as a daily or almost daily activity)? Or […]