FREE Recipe Books

FREE Recipe Books Hello Everyone I just wanted to share with everyone the chance to download my 2 recipe kindle books for FREE Sat & Sun July 20 & 21 – my gift to YOU!!! Here are just a couple of samples of the recipes you will find in both books that are easy to […]

Winter Blahs

Winter Blahs Sometimes living in Canada during the winter months can gt pretty blah – especially here in Vancouver where it tends to rain a lot!! This fall / winter for me didn’t start out so great, actually pretty crappy, but new things, opportunities and more took over and things changed – they became great!! […]

Soul Food

Soul Food By just saying that you’re probably thinking some good Southern cooking – Collard Greens, BBQ’d foods and more but that is not what I am talking about!! Believe it or not it’s not about food we eat this time. It’s about knowing who you are, what you like and feeding your soul that […]


I did a short video on Why Breakfast and the importance of it for healthy eating & feeling. Please feel free to share it, like or or leave a comment. Here’s to your health!! JB

Food and You: for Better or Worse

I have a guest blogger for this post, from my dear friend Dr. Jane Gartshore, who has opened her naturopathic clinic here on the Sunshine Coast and is very passionate about helping people with their health. Whether it makes us happy, healthy, sick or overweight, the food we eat is an integral part of our […]

Some More Food for Thought

Here is a couple little ideas on my latest video to get you started on spring cleaning or just to start cleaning up what you’re eating!!