Black Friday Sale

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted I know :), I’ve been busy learning new art and brewing alot of Kombucha – another healthy form of being creative!! Wishing ALL my American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving and friends everywhere, I am grateful for being in my life, connecting with me here or anywhere else.  I […]

Free Downloads

  If this doesn’t concern you, check your pulse!   These people run our so called ‘health’ care systems. How they look and how the system is is actually a good match, and I could go down that rabbit hole, but this post isn’t about that. During this time, I realized even more how screw […]

Book Sale

                    Yes there is a book sale starting and I am inviting you!! 🙂 You probably don’t know that I have created and written 6 ebooks / kindle. I know right??!! From food to yoga to our souls!!   The first ones were Eating Healthy Made Easy   […]

21 Days – it’s About You

21 Days – it’s About YOU Ancient Rule of 21: if you do anything for 21 days in a row, it will be installed as a habit.      –  Robin Sharma We were ALL born pure, innocent and full of love – somewhere along the line the story got distorted! The drug of choice […]

Real Food

Real Food   Have you ever stopped and thought about what is real food?   This is a long post and at the end I have a little gift for you!   In this post I would like to share a different perspective on real food, it may stretch you a bit, but that is […]

Raw Popcorn

Raw Popcorn with Spirulina

Raw Popcorn   Have you every thought of or eaten Raw Popcorn? It’s probably not what you think!! I was going through my kindle and ebooks that I have on line and realized I had not added many photos – WTH??  So I have been updating them and they are ready with many more photos that […]

Jicama & Beet Salad

Jicama & Beet Salad   It’s been quite awhile since I have done a recipe so thought it might be fun to create something simple, yet fresh, raw and oh so tasty – Jicama & Beet Salad. Since being down in Mexico I have been eating so well.  For me, I know the warmth, sunlight […]

Food Gratitude

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Eating Healthy While Travelling

Eating Healthy While Travelling     Many people have asked me about how did we eat healthy while travelling? If you’ve ever travelled in the USA (and Canada and probably many other places) you will find that it’s all the same restaurants whether sit down, fast food or in between.  Has that ever made you […]


Markets   I know for many of us, markets could be a thing of the past with summer ending and well into fall! I don’t know if you take the time to shop at markets or not but highly encourage you to do so. I have been hearing from many people similar things like – […]

Why Do You Eat?

Why Do You Eat?   Have you ever really stopped and asked yourself ‘why do I eat?’ Is it for fun, entertainment or nourishment? What do you eat? By that I mean have you been programmed to eat according to what the Standard American Diet is – S.A.D………….hmmmmm and I wonder who is behind that […]

Inside Health

Inside Health   As you may or may not know I have been on the road travelling for the past week – 2500 miles, through 11 states in the USA.   My beloved has done most of the driving, so we’ve had some good talks, much time to think, beautiful scenery to see and lots […]