Black Friday Sale

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted I know :), I’ve been busy learning new art and brewing alot of Kombucha – another healthy form of being creative!! Wishing ALL my American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving and friends everywhere, I am grateful for being in my life, connecting with me here or anywhere else.  I […]

Everything is Energy

Everything is Energy Everything is Energy! Matter is only Energy condensed to a slow vibration. We are ALL one Consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death – Life is just a Dream and We are the imagination of ourselves. What we imagine ourselves to be is what we physically create!!  – […]

Why We do Yoga is Now on Amazon

Check out Ebook: Why We Do Yoga

Why We do Yoga is Now on Amazon   It’s true!  Why We Do Yoga is now available on Amazon kindle.  Later this year it will be out in hard copy and it’s also available on my site in ebook fashion! My intention behind this book was to create great awareness of why we do, […]

Why We do Yoga

Check out Ebook: Why We Do Yoga

Why We do Yoga Why We do Yoga came to me after a Temazcal one night in Mexico – Mexican sweat load ceremony. After the ceremony and back home, I was sitting out on the patio in a chair hammock slowly moving around, it was dark and the stars were out, there was a gentle […]

Consciousness – Yoga – Photography

Consciousness – Yoga – Photography Quite the combination eh? You are probably wondering how that came about?

Over the years, with many modalities, workshops, reading and from experiences has come learning and growing. I have dived into consciousness and quantum physics off and on over the years not always understanding it. People use the words, yet I feel very few people truly embody it.

What I have and still am learning with an eating disorder it goes much deeper into the psyche than I ever realized, so it’s become more of my mission to dive even deeper in.


Markets   I know for many of us, markets could be a thing of the past with summer ending and well into fall! I don’t know if you take the time to shop at markets or not but highly encourage you to do so. I have been hearing from many people similar things like – […]

The Ups and Downs of Travelling

The Ups and Downs of Travelling   Just arrived back after travelling for approximately 11 weeks, through 17 states and almost 7000 miles…………’s been incredible yet not always easy!! lol Oh the ups and downs of travelling!! For the most part it’s been fantastic.  Saw many places I’ve never seen before, met many new friends, […]

Beauty From the Inside Out

Beauty From the Inside Out What does beauty from the inside out really mean? As you know I love eating healthy, and helping, guiding, inspiring others to do the same. We have been so programmed and lied to by tv, advertising and hidden agendas from corporations that are for profits not health – that it’s […]

The Truth About Cancer

The Truth About Cancer I was awake for early this morning and finished watching episode 6 of the video documentary series The Truth About Cancer by Ty Bollinger – with 29 Doctors, 11 Scientists and 9 Survivors. This episode was about diet, nutrition and what to eat to heal cancer and not feed cancer – yes […]

Beauty is All Around

Beauty is All Around – where are you focusing your attention and energy? It doesn’t matter what’s going on around you only what’s going on inside of you. That is healthy living. Go and create a beautiful day! I’m heading for the sun but still enjoying the scenes of the snow!! Jodi

The New Year

The New Year I didn’t get this right out on New Years Day as I have been taking the time to really reflect and set my intentions for a new year.  What are the possibilities, what do I really want to create, how do I want to feel, how do I want to spend my time, […]

My 10 Day Transformation Cleanse!!!!

 My 10 Day Transformation Cleanse!!!! This is the third 10 Day Transformation Cleanse I have done this year – I keep doing them due to the results I am getting – it just keeps getting better!! The biggest side benefit is weight loss but that is not my main reason for doing this.  It really […]