Heart Balloon

Love what Matters What Matters is Love!! Love who you be. Love what you do. Love how you spend your time. Love who you spend your time with. Think, Feel and Be Love Jodi xo

Calm Amongst the Chaos


  Calm Amongst the Chaos When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to whats happening.  That’s where your power is!!!      –  unknown Calm mind brings inner strength and self confidence, and that’s very important for good health.      –  Dalai Lama The calmest person in […]

Energy & Frequency

  Energy & Frequency   If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.      –  Nikola Tesla  Everything IS Energy, and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. […]

Being Spiritual

Being Spiritual   Being Spiritual to me means………   Hugging the trees, Laughing with the flowers, Watching the sunsets and seeing their beauty, Listening to the birds sing, Blessing the water, Gazing up at the stars – wondering who lives there, Following the things that bring me joy, Being fully present in each moment, Listening […]

Mind Viruses

Mind Viruses Like computer viruses, successful or healthy mind viruses will tend to be hard for their victims to detect.  If you are the victim of one, the chances are that you won’t know it, and vigorously deny it.      –  Richard Dawkins When we transform our conscious and sub-conscious thoughts, we transform our […]

Mind – Heart – Soul

Mind – Heart – Soul   Mind – I’m worried Heart – Just relax Mind  – But I’m totally lost now Heart – Just follow me Mind – But you’ve never been there before Heart – Trust me, You’ll love it Soul – If the 2 of you would shut up, I will show you […]

Letting Go

Letting Go   In the process of letting go, you will lose many things form the past, but you will find yourself.      –  Deepak Chopra Let go of the attachment, keep the lesson.      –  L.J. Vanier One of the most courageous decisions you’ll ever make is to finally let go of […]


Unfuckwithable   (adj) – when you are totally at peace and in touch with yourself, nothing anyone says or does bothers you and no negativity or drama can touch you. –  unknown   Read that again and let it sink in. I would like to add that I decided to use that term to grab […]

Higher Vibe Living

Higher Vibe Living   Be the type of energy that no matter where you go, you always add value to the space and lives around you.      –  unknown Whatever is good for your Soul – or your Soul loves…….do that!! Vibrate so high that toxic people and things in your life fall away […]

Your Light

Your Light   Don’t you know yet? It’s your light that lights the world!!       -Rumi Don’t let negativity and darkness dissolve your light! Each time your embrace the truth of who you are, you bring a little more light into the world! – unknown The Soul has no secret that the behaviour […]

My Journey with Food

My Journey with Food   It’s taken me a little while to write this as I truly wanted to be transparent as it hasn’t always been pretty.  For many many years I kept it quiet, hidden as much as possible as the shame, guilt and embarrassment was high. For many years I have had a […]


Message  I was born many times before, And yet my time with you is something new. For you awaken in me a spirit that was longing to be alive waiting for your connection. I thought I knew how to play safe and stay within the boundaries Only to realize that was not so. That truly […]