Earth & Art

Earth without Art is just eh!                                      - unknown   Painting with my camera (ICM - Intentional Camera Movement)is fun and gets my creativity flowing!! We need more fun, joy and creativity…
Pole Dance

Reflections of 2019

So, it's the last day of 2019. I would be lying if I said that it was my best year ever, actually in ways it was one of the hardest yet many amazing moments as well.. Yet, as I reflect back, I see where I stumbled, grew, fell down,…
The Street


  If Everything IS Energy, and Energy is constantly moving, maybe there is more than meets the eye between the seen and unseen.......... Food for Thought! Jodi

The Sunset - New Work

I had a little show at a cafe / gallery - El Gato Feo Cafe in Ajijic, Mexico this past Saturday. The work is now up on my site and is available for sale. These will be limited prints.   The  Sunset One Sunset One Pier One…

30 Days & a FREE Giveaway!!

30 Days & a FREE Giveaway!! Since going through my 30 Days of Photos, I wanted to say a thank you to all who were part of it too!! (or not :)) I took a little break this past week as even though it was a good self challenge,…

30 Days of Photos Follow Up

30 Days of Photos Follow Up Had to do one more! :) This one is called Magic Behind each new door, adventure, learning, growing, openness in one self is where there can be magic. Magic of the unknown, being open, learning new things…

30 Days of Photos #25

30 Days of Photos #25 This one I call Searching Whatever you are searching for, including the magic, is already inside of you. Just learn to lean into it, hear it, trust it and it's not from your head! Jodi

30 Days of Photos #12

30 Days of Photos #12   I created a couple of photos for all the amazing mothers out there for Mother's Day. I hope you have a great day today yet really very day!! Do something fun, kind, exciting or relaxing today for you…

30 Days of Photos #8

30 Days of Photos #8 I missed posting yesterday yet the image was finished - honestly :) - it's expresses how I was feeling. Somewhat in the dark, contracted yet allowing expression to come through in a different way. During the process…

30 Days of Photos #7

30 Days of Photos #7   Your Life as Art is the name of this one. Each day we wake up to a new day, What if...... we looked at each day like a fresh, new canvas waiting for you to create something on it. The paint represents…

30 Days of Photos #4

30 Days of Photos #4     This one I am calling 'Lighten Up' I wanted to try a levitation shot.  Now, I realize I did it the harder way for the first time, but hey now I know :) I also know where I can improve and…