Summer Salad

Summer Salad

Summer Salad

With this weather of summer finally being here it is so easy to eat more raw foods, eat healthier, eat fresh and fast- not that we want to eat fast but fresh, natural food really is fast food as it’s best!!

Today is also International Raw Day – so get some more raw foods into your beautiful body!!!

Summer Salad


–  1 cup julienne Green Zucchini

–  1 cup julienne Yellow Zucchini (or called also Summer Squash)

–  1 cup chopped Parsley

–  1/2 cup chopped Chives

Summer Squash

Summer Salad

Mix together








Add in

–  4 tbsp raw Pumpkin Seed oil (optional but oh so flavorful – I just found this amazing tasting raw, cold pressed oil a short time ago and fell in love with it – it is very nutritious but also tasty and adds a beautiful flavor, if you are unable to find it or have other oils on hand like Olive oil it will work – you may want to add another herb or more garlic for a little more flavor)

–  2 tbsp White wine Vinegar

–  2 cloves Garlic minced

Pinch Salt and Pepper

–  3 tbsp Pine nuts (optional you can roast / toast these – I didn’t for this recipe)

Summer Salad

Mix together well, serve as a side dish or main dish -eat, enjoy and please feel free to share!!

Happy International Raw Day!!!


Best Life Today

 Live your very best life today.

White Beauty

Don’t hold your happiness hostage waiting for some imagined perfect circumstance, person or thing to come along. Choose to be happy, joyful and truly thankful for the moment you’re in.

You deserve a life that is magnificent. And you deserve to let yourself live it right now.

Believe it and feel it.

Don’t put off until someday the richness that you can live on this very day.

You can add unique beauty to life, so do it now.

Just like the flower – show your beauty, your uniqueness and don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

This very day, this very moment is all that matters.

Live it fully, with love, with commitment, inner peace and calmness.

Each day counts


So do YOU!!

Make it your best day yet


Are you allowing a little fun in your life?


And a belated Happy Easter!

 kids bubbles

I’ve been laying low – will share that in an upcoming post but I wanted to share some spur of the moment photos down in English Bay in Vancouver of kids and people having some fun, having some joy in their lives.

I enjoyed taking photographs of them and getting a little creative with the bubbles too!


Hope you are allowing in some  fun and possibly even being silly – it’s what keeps us young.

Spend some time with young kids and get caught up at the moment or do something that makes you smile or laugh and even silly with them.

I bet you will feel great afterwards!


Make it a fun day!


Are You Afraid to Open New Doors

New Doors


Old ways usually, won’t open New Doors.

Don’t be afraid to try or learn something new – it could surprise you! Open up new doors and let new things in.

Make it a great day!


Making Lemonade

Making Lemonade


Making Lemonade

How often do you get thrown some lemons – you know life’s little hard knocks, or lessons when we aren’t really paying attention!!

Are you able to take those lemons and turn them into Lemonade?

One of the best ways I have found is to have an attitude of gratitude – no matter how s@*^y it may seem and trust me I know I’ve been there.

If you can really reach for that attitude of gratitude or the love or just let that anger or frustration or whatever else it is go – just let go and be in the flow – you are making lemonade and you will feel better, lighter, happier trust me I know that one too.

It’s when I dig in, fight back, resist or think too much that I twist myself, my head or my body in knots.

I don’t know you about you but I would rather be sitting back, chillaxin and drinking lemonade!!

Now that is food for thought eh??

Make it a great day!!


Ahhh I can feel the breeze gently blowin,  layin in the hammock, sipping away………..

Being in the Flow


Being in the Flow…..

of YOUR Life

Do you ever find yourself

bucking the current, struggling to make things happen, not enjoying what you are doing or have a earning for something else?

You know that little urge, whisper, feeling that keeps tugging at you,


YOU keep ignoring it, or saying one day or letting it get quieter and quieter,


time has passed


the urge, whisper, tug is still there.

Let that urge, tug, whisper get louder,

let some day be today,

let it speak to you and guide you


YOU can be in the flow.

Flow of Life – YOUR Life!!


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