Getting Through a Slump

Ok, I admit it, I’ve been in a slump and  I’m back and getting my jive going again!!! lol  This low iron thing has not been fun, I was shy about wanting to admit it, even though I blog about eating, living and being healthy – I too am human.  I also got to thinking I wonder how many other people, women in particular go through this.  Especially around that time of the month, then things get back to normal, well for some of us, actually quite a few of us it’s not that simple!!!

All the things I am doing and eating to help me increase my iron as much as possible –  as there are days I am ok and then there are days I hit the couch and getting there was a struggle – has my husband convinced I was a witch in a previous life and probably burned at the stake!!! lol

I have so much more empathy for people with Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia, it is not a fun way to feel!!

Slumps are  also known as ruts, rough patches, blah phases,   *%#@! I feel crappy lately.

One thing going through this period of being tired, and ok I will admit it, also frustrated, maybe a little angry, and even depressed, ( yes I have been tapping on all of that)  I am used to doing lots, having lots of energy and being busy, and oh yeah we had a ton of rain here in April……..that didn’t help either!!!

Spring couldn’t be here at a better time.  Sometimes when our health isn’t so good, it gets u down, then before we know it we are in a slump and in order to get things flowing again  we have to make some changes.    AS Tony Robbins says Change your state…….now I can’t get up and start running right away (which when I can’t exercise affects my moods and what I eat and wow there is a cycle there), but I can do some other things to break the slump that I got into.  (if you didn’t notice the posts got down to very few lately even my creativity slowed waaaayy down).

The things I  am doing to help increase my iron and energy levels are adding Spirulina in my diet, it is a great source for us non meat eaters.  I have been juicing beet roots daily as that is another great source of iron and a blood cleaner.  I’ve been simmering Nettle leaves and Pau d’arco and drinking the liquid both of which are great for the blood. I’ve been eating foods higher in iron as my main focus.

I was reading the other day that oysters are very high in iron.  We have a cool little oyster bar sitting right on the dock  in the bot harbour and I though that would be a great reason to go out and eat some oysters, but then well, I would probably have to have some wine to go with them…..ok not right now!!

I’ve added Matol KM from Univera that helps with iron and cleanses the liver……after all it is springtime.

I also re-read, (since I’ve been spending time on the couch I might as well do something valuable) Louise L Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life…….and it has been very interesting.  Mind Body connection is huge, and I had to look in the mirror and make a few adjustments and yes some more tapping!!! lol…….all without attitude or making it mean anything.

I open the doors more (when it’s not raining) to get the fresh air in and shake it up, I love tulips this time of year, so I am buying some for the house.   Spring time is also a good time to change and clean things in the house really shake up the old blah energy and let in the new……most importantly I am being in my body fully, taking my dog on walks no matter how short or long they are, being present and doing some deep breathing and most importantly loving myself and accepting where I am at and knowing I will feel better tomorrow, even if it’s a little bit.  The mind is a powerful thing…….as much as the food, herbs and tonics help so does what I say to myself, my thoughts and most of all my attitude.

You never know what tomorrow may bring, so make today your best one yet…… desert first if you feel like it!!!

So what are you doing to shake up the energy or shake off the slump or just get into springtime??

Beet Salad

Every once in awhile I tend to lean towards low iron, which I have lately but it was quite low, so much so that I felt drained, tired and walking up a flight of stairs took it out of me.  Not how I like to feel, but I am thankful it was not something worse.  Since I had been feeling so drained and tired most of the time, when I got my blood work back and found out I needed to increase my iron, I thought it might be a good idea to jump start it with something, so I got some ferrous sulphate from behind the pharmacy counter………it was suggested I eat more greens…….interesting I thought.  It did help somewhat but it also started to upset my stomach and stained my teeth, I looked like I had been eating blackberries and hadn’t brushed my teeth in a good week……..nice…….NOT!!

Needless to say I have greatly upped my intake of foods and herbs to get as much iron as possible, nettle and pau d’arco tea has been simmering on my stove, lots of beets and beet juice, sea vegetables, dandelion greens and I just found out collard greens are very high in iron as well, so if you’re thinking you might be seeing recipes with a high iron theme you are right!!!

All of us women could be eating more high iron content any time but even more so if you are experiencing any fatigue or tiredness especially around that time of the month.  Here is the first on several to come!!

Beet Salad

Depending on how you cut up, chop or grate the beets, you can have this cooked or not.  Of course raw has more nutritional value, I have had it both ways and both are good.  I recommend grating it or chopping it into smaller pieces if you are not cooking it, otherwise you can slice or chop them.  I used a mandolin type gadget for this, this one is not for sale, but is part of Salad Master which is high end cookware.

–  2 Beets grated or sliced

– 2 Green Onions finely sliced up

– 1/4 cup Parsley finely chopped

– 2 tbsp Hemp hearts

– 4 oz cold pressed Olive Oil

– 1 oz Balsamic vinegar

– juice of 1/2 Lemon

– 1 – 2 Garlic cloves minced

– pinch celtic sea Salt

Mix all together and enjoy.

This makes 2 good servings, so I decided to have some for dinner too, but I changed it up a little.  I added a bed of mix greens, and dandelion greens as well, some wakame mixed in with the beet salad and some chick peas for a little more protein.  Adding just grated Beets to your salads often is a good idea and colorful too!!