Ditch the Dieting

Ditch the Dieting Forever! Just look at the word ‘die t’ Doesn’t that say a lot on it’s own? How about healthy eating? What about feeding the body? Nourishing the body? Providing the body with the right nutrients so that it thrives, you thrive as through that you will feel and look fabulous. There is […]

Purium Superfood Treats

Purium Superfood Treats

Purium Superfood Treats   Since I use an love Purium an  the Ignite Road Trip  is on and about half way through the tour with 100’s of people c coming out, I thought I would include this recipe!! If you are curious about Purium, why Purium, why green foods, why David Sandoval or Amy Venner […]

Fed UP

Fed UP Just came across this trailer and had to watch the documentary – I hope you do too as people are waking up, want the truth and need solutions – that is why I love what I do and get to share it!! Healthy eating should not be so hard or confusing. That’s also […]

My 10 Day Transformation Cleanse!!!!

 My 10 Day Transformation Cleanse!!!! This is the third 10 Day Transformation Cleanse I have done this year – I keep doing them due to the results I am getting – it just keeps getting better!! The biggest side benefit is weight loss but that is not my main reason for doing this.  It really […]

Creating a Health Movement to Make a Difference

Creating a Health Movement Take a  step to a healthier mind and body. Join the health movement.  Take a stand on eating healthy, organic and Non-GMO foods.  Together we can make the world healthier and happier. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video and please feel free to share it with anyone who […]

Greens – FREE Giveaway!!

Greens – FREE Giveaway Famous saying goes: “We are what we eat”, or really what we can assimilate. The more you eat sugar, hydrogenated oils and processed foods as an example, the unhealthier your body becomes.   Even though you might not sense the negative changes immediately, you can be sure that your body will charge […]

Tomato Salad with Spirulina Hemp Dressing

Tomato Salad with Spirulina Hemp Dressing Always trying to find little ways of adding in nutrient dense foods or superfoods, since being a mom I have always done that over the years.  Knowing what I know now of course I would do things differently for my kids but we do the best we can with […]