My Thoughts on Food

My Thoughts on Food

My Thoughts on Food

I thought I would come clean on why I stepped back from food and creating recipes and teaching more about raw foods etc

Besides there being so many food blogs, books, recipes, opinions, diets and classes out there – it has become a trend and almost a preoccupation.

I was at a New Years party where people were bragging about being foodies – nothing wrong with that but it seems like it’s the ‘in’ thing to do now – that wasn’t really why I got started.  It is also way too confusing for people, all the different studies, etc saying one week eat this then next week don’t, different blood types, different body types, some people do well on raw, others need meat and so on.

It also shifted for me the more I learned about energy, being at the effect of things, how we can really heal our own bodies, how powerful the mind is.  The little lies I learned when I was doing Superfood demo’s for a Superfood company – who also ended up being unethical in some of their dealings got me looking more at the food industry and not really wanting to be part of it.   I just recently learned that in Canada, for food to be organic – a farmer just has to say it is, nothing more.  Now to be come Certified – that is a different story and also costs a lot.  I got thinking about when I buy organic and pay more – is it really organic if it comes from Canada??  Please don’t get me wrong I am not bashing anyone or anything here – just sharing my experience – a lot was good.  I also spent a lot of time wondering, worrying, creating and thinking about food, what I should eat, shouldn’t eat, can’t eat, OMG I did eat and so on.

One day I decided to let it all go and it just felt so much lighter – so much in fact I knew I had to step back.

I also had a lot of questions about how we in North America saturate a good thing in small amounts ie soy. If we look at other cultures – food has been celebrated for many years and people have eaten many things and lived quite healthy without making a big deal about it.

It’s when we bring in the fast foods and processed crap that disease etc start.

Now it’s true – I still believe in healthier eating, keeping it simple, keeping it natural as much as possible and that so much of our food that is labeled ‘food’ in our grocery stores is just different chemical concoctions made up to think we are eating food and really just depriving the body of what it knows how to easily digest and utilize efficiently but I didn’t want my life wrapped around it any longer.

What I do choose to eat and not eat well works for me.  Each day is different and probably just like any one else that is being ‘normal’ I do the best I can – love my morning Americano’s, eat popcorn (ok -organic) with a good movie, have a weakness for good cheese, but also eat fresh or what is in season as much as possible.

Moderation, balance and real food that the body can digest – the chemical ones mess with so much of our systems, the body doesn’t know how to digest them properly and they leave us feeling hungry as the body really hasn’t been fed properly so we eat more – hence weight gain.

I haven’t even touched on emotional eating here.

Exercise – I get out every day with at least 2 good walks with my dog, then I mix it up – Yoga, Hot Yoga, Biking, Hiking, Dancing and that is about it – it is what works for me and what my body wants – I have also learned to listen to what my body wants and doesn’t and to stop forcing it or do things because I should – I do them because I enjoy them and like making them part of my daily living.

I used to train hard -run, aerobics, weights, biking and now it’s a slower softer pace – but I am happy.

This is where I am at in my life and my body and it seems happy and healthy – I am competing with no one and listening to what it wants to eat – and the more you do clean it up – well things like chips etc aren’t really that much of an interest or craving.

Keep Is Simple Silly – get the help where you need it, balance, moderation but no one way of eating is perfect for every body!!!

Love to hear what you think!



Have you ever really looked at that word and gave it some thought?

Diet………hmmm makes you wonder eh??

If you google diet, kinds of diets, type of diets……..OMG…..yet most of them are fads or we wouldn’t have so many of them.

Two things I have done to make my food experience better, well 3 but we’re going to talk about 2 here today and the third I’ll share shortly as they are all important I think.

One was to eliminate the word diet, as we know what word is in there and it’s restrictive.  When I restrict myself or tell myself I can’t or shouldn’t have that, well guess what?? You probably guess right!! I have the type of personality for the most part I don’t like to be told I can’t have something especially when it comes to food.  Now, I can choose not to want it or eat it which is totally different…..see what I mean?  There is no restriction but choice, big difference.

We all know inside it’s calories in calories out, the type of calories make a big difference.  If you are anything like me I don’t have time or care to count calories, just like texting I can’t keep track of how many give me unlimited please!!

Now that is not to say that is card blanche for go ahead eat anything and everything and lots of it, I just found it became easier and easier to let alot of unhealthy foods go and that need to overeat at times left too as I wasn’t denying myself anything. I gave myself permission to be.

When you clean up the way you eat, by eating healthier, whole foods, you don’t want those foods that have all the fat, calories and additives which are empty and nutritionally deprived.  Clean it up and get rid of the word ‘diet’, choose healthier eating, healthier living, healthier being or I’m eating for me……whatever works just stop using the word diet or I’m on a diet!!

The other thing I did along time ago, like before I had kids, was to throw out my scales.  Did I really need to know the number? Who cares?? I stopped looking at those numbers as we know how we feel in our bodies, in our clothes…..don’t we??  I used to weigh myself every day and alot of times not just once………talk about a mind f@%^*!!!!  Those numbers could mess with my head and make or break my day…..that is not the way it should be.

This time of the year my jeans get a little snugger, it’s winter, I’m not out as much I mean it’s dark by 4:30 here for a few months and I don’t do the gym thing really and that is how it works for me.  I didn’t say tight, I say snug. and I can live with that as I know it will come off shortly too once the spring is here.  We are like animals in some ways and need a little more fat in the cold months BUT I don’t need to see how much!! lol

Common sense here and doing things maybe differently.  Stop saying diet and if you find yourself weighing yourself often or you gt upset by the numbers on the scale, get rid of it.  Do you really need that type of anxiety??

Break the pattern……..make it a great and healthy day!!



Stress and Food

Do you ever think that the two are related??

Didn’t someone say once ‘let food be thy medicine’???

After reading this article in the Globe and Mail, Our Busy Life is Making You Sick, I really linked a few things together in my life.  I say that, as I have been going through a major transition in my life and the stress levels are high, actually have been for about 2 years now.  No wonder I have been feeling tired so much!!!

Stress……..fight or flight…….real or not, doesn’t matter.

I also have been looking at patterns in my life, especially around food.  When I am stressed how do I react?  Well sometimes by drinking some wine, oh that relaxing state, can I get it another way?? Yes!! Food…..well I realize that for me, food has played a big role in how I handle stress, I either sustain from food or use it as a comfort, don’t want to feel so I eat or don’t.  You know, that knot or anxious feeling in the stomach???  Stress!!

Restrictive or over indulgence…….not a good picture of health.  This time, realizing that stress plays a major role in the health of your body, I am approaching it quite differently  and it feels oh so much better.

I am eating regularly, making sure I get lots of nutrition from my food.  Eating alot of variety, through out the day, and even when I’m not hungry so to speak as I know I need the nutrition, my body is tired. Stress can be related to so many diseases.

I am juicing, adding super foods, getting out in the sunshine whenever the sun is shining, taking time to connect with nature, some deep breathing, meditating and getting back to doing yoga.  It all helps.  How you are living each day, each moment, eating and thinking, without judgement are huge!!

I can feel the difference.  It doesn’t happen over night, but each day brings more vitality, clarity and a feeling of over all more health.

The more I give my body proper food, therefore proper nutrition, the better it is feeling.  The better it is thinking.  The better it is preforming.

The more I decide to have a healthy relationship with food, the better I feel.  Food should be your medicine, your friend……..not something you abuse or fear.  It should be real.

Have a look at your life, your way of eating and your relationship with your food and yourself.  Are you eating or not eating to feel or not feel certain emotions or are you eating to be and feel healthy?

Give it some thought and remember you deserve only the best……..are you giving yourself that???

Also, if you haven’t checked out the FREE videos put out by 30 Days Raw, then I highly recommend doing so. Tons of information in the short videos. David Wolfe comes out tomorrow, so click the link below and check them out!!

Take the time.

Have a better than great day!!!