Imagination I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. Michelangelo I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells. Dr. Seuss The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless. Jean-Jacques Rousseau Imagination is our super power, learn to use it as it is not […]

Let the Past Go

………is what the image reminds me of and just as I write this, I become aware that this image is from a few years ago as well. I pulled it out to do some tweaks as I am divi back into learning Photoshop for some more fun and creativity. As I look at this image, […]

It’s Been Awhile!

How are you doing during these crazy times? Me? I am doing great, took a break, laying low, doing more ICM photography – uploading mostly on IG, some art and diving deep into the world of Sound Healing and art! Old ancient wisdom for helping create and anchor in higher frequencies of new Earth – […]

Slow Down

What IF……. we slowed down a little bit today and really smelled the flowers…… Being present in the Now is the new cool!

100 Days of Stillness – Day 101

just joking!! 🙂 I want to send out a BIG Thank you to everyone who supported this, commented on posts, likes, messages and emails I received during these 100 days. Thank you, my heart is full and I am happy it was well received especially on IG. I will continue with my ICM photography and […]

100 Days of Stillness – Day 99

  Nature IS Spirit, even amongst this matrix. It’s a bridgeway between frequencies, spend more time there   Be Still……….

100 Days of Stillness – Day 98

There is nothing more precious than one’s Soul, it’s the only thing we take with us beyond this holographic matrix, so protect it at ALL costs Be Still………

100 Days of Stillness – Day 96

  What is in my control is how I spend my time, how I choose to respond or react, my self talk / self love, my boundaries, what I give my energy to, and how I show up. Go within   Be Still……..      

100 Days of Stillness – Day 94

  We were not created to sit at a desk or job for 8+ hours a day, forgot one’s dreams, doing the same thing day in and out, and to only have a couple of weeks of ‘vacation’ to go exploring, We are waaaaay more than that……. Be Still……….