Energy, Frequency & Vibration

If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.            – Nikola Tesla Everything in life is vibration.     – Albert Einstein Let your love send off so much positive energy that it shifts the vibrations in the room.     […]

Where is the Love

Where is the Love Love is a vibration Yet we are taught to go seeking Love Outside of ourself, The truth is beautiful one, You are LOVE Your job is to remember that When you do – it will set you Free Feel the Love Breath it in As anything less than Love are lies […]

Emotional Abuse

Emotional Abuse   When someone is putting you down, leaves you feeling like you can’t do anything right, makes you feel worthless or bad about yourself, doubting yourself or who you are being – just know you’ve done nothing wrong. Know that that isn’t love – it’s emotional abuse. Whether from someone or even yourself. […]

Signs from the Universe

Signs from the Universe   There are always signs from the Universe IF we are paying attention. When we are greeted by a sign or synchronicity there is no longer the question – there is only the answer! If we are energy – and we are – when we have put out a question to […]

Higher Vibe Living with Food


Higher Vibe Living with Food   What does Higher Vibe Living with Food truly mean in our food obsessed culture!!? Since being in Mexico I have been on an exploratory journey – clearing much old energy, old programs, wounds etc and diving much deeper into learning about Quantum Physics, who we truly are, unplugging from […]

Higher Vibrational Words

Higher Vibrational Words   If Everything IS Energy – and it is, what about choosing Higher Vibrational Words? Your words can have great creative power – both good and bad. We can create our realities with the choice of words we use to speak with. We can be affected by the words spoken by another […]

Some Self Love Inspiration

Some Self Love Inspiration Some Self Love Inspiration for your day!!   Want to meet the love of your life? Go look in the mirror. -Byron Katie     People will come and go in your life – the only true constant will be you so BE GOOD to yourself!     Perhaps we should […]

Shout Out

Shout Out Shout out time! Do you ever stop and think about where you’ve been and where you are now?  I don’t necessarily mean physically but more mentally, emotionally possibly even spiritually? Have you grown, become more aware, more alive, more aligned with your true self? Shout out to everyone who has transcended a mindset, […]

Higher Vibes

Higher Vibes   What are Higher Vibes? Vibes is short for Vibration – if Everything is Energy then everything has a vibration – what is the difference between high vibes and low vibes? Here are some examples: Higher Vibrations or vibes that will help Raise Your Vibration: Leafy Greens Real Foods Raw Foods Daily Upbeat […]

Law of Vibration

Law of Vibration Law of Vibration – Just as a pebble can create vibrations that appear as ripples which travel outward in a body of water – your thoughts create vibrations and attracts similar vibrations (we are over 70% water btw) that manifest as circumstances and people in your life. At any given moment you […]

Higher Vibe Living

Higher Vibe Living My first video on Higher Vibe Living! I decided to create a short  video to share from my heart about moving in the direction of Higher Vibe Living – why and what it means to me and reaching out to women especially women who have and do struggle with emotional eating – […]

Everything is Energy

Everything is Energy Everything is Energy! Matter is only Energy condensed to a slow vibration. We are ALL one Consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death – Life is just a Dream and We are the imagination of ourselves. What we imagine ourselves to be is what we physically create!!  – […]