Raw / Vegan Green Soup

If after the holidays you are left feeling sluggish, a little heavy feeling, maybe a few extra pounds on as well, then this you may like. I also know after the holidays of some over indulgents this may also seem boring, but you and your body will love you for it!! It’s easy to make, […]

Fresh Fruit Pie

Fresh Fruit Pie Easy, healthy, quick, tasty and raw!! People won’t believe it….what else can I say?? Enjoy!! JB

EFT, Food & U

EFT, Food & U If you are not familiar with EFT, it’s not short for Electronic Funds Transfer…..it’s short for Emotional Freedom Technique or otherwise known as Tapping. I believe that EFT is an amazing tool to help anyone overcome many things that may be holding them back. It’s energy physchology which is not new […]

Healthy, Tasty, Quick Green Drink

Green Drink Here is a quick way that is tasty too of getting extra greens, fiber and other good things in. Greens are full of enzymes and Enjoy!! JB

The Chicken & The Pig

So one day the chicken and the pig were having a discussion on commitment and participation.  The chicken says to the pig, “Hey I know commitment because I give an egg each day for breakfast!” To which the pig replied…..”Honey that ain’t commitment that is participation……I give bacon…..Now that is COMMITMENT!!” Where in your life, […]

Getting Off Yo Yo Dieting

Getting Off Yo Yo Dieting How many times have you started a ‘diet’ only to find yourself craving the foods you said you wouldn’t eat any longer or doing good for a few hours or a couple of days then gorging on almost anything in the evening?  Or just having a bite of something ‘forbidden’ […]

The Challenge Update

The Challenge Update You may or may not have heard about the 90 Day Challenge outside of my blog here, if you haven’t I am sure you will very shortly!! People are joining the Challenge in BIG numbers…….36 619 in May, 41 551 in June, almost 50 000 in July and last night by 6 […]


I did a short video on Why Breakfast and the importance of it for healthy eating & feeling. Please feel free to share it, like or or leave a comment. Here’s to your health!! JB

Dare to Stand Out

We went up and spent the day in Whistler the other day and this couple really caught not only my attention but many others as well. I thought how cool and if more of us couldn’t be like that……Dare to Stand out instead of following the status quo all the time or trying to keep […]

Obesity…..Curable or Not??

Obesity Warning some content / pictures may be disturbing!! Obesity is on the rise and in every country.  It is becoming an epidemic.  Over 1 BILLION  adults are overweight with 300 million clinically obese. 22 million children worldwide under the age of five…..YES FIVE…..are obese……are you kidding me????? NO!!!! Adolescents and teenagers have doubled and […]

Low Fat Pesto

Eating healthy and fresh is so much easier in the summer and right now Basil seems to be abundant!!! Here is an easy low fat Pesto sauce that makes for a great dip or spread. Low Fat Pesto – 1 can Navy beans – 1 cup Packed fresh Basil leaves – 1-2 cloves garlic (depending […]

To the Market We Go…..

Don’t you just love summer?? Well it is finally here, July wasn’t so great, but August feels like summer finally!!! One of the reasons, and there are many, but just one reason why I love summer is the markets…….I love seeing all the fresh foods. I takes me back to my childhood when I was […]