A Moment

Recently one morning, when I did take my camera with me 🙂 I had the pleasure of watching the sun wake up and come alive. No PS or AI in this photo, just nature using its beautiful palette of colors and creating art. I took a few moments and just sat and enjoyed the show. […]


No other words can describe it!! This is an old photo, but the message is what I want to convey which is with ALL the fuckery going on, and there IS a lot, Remember, it does NOT matter what is going on around you, it only matters what is going on inside of you!! In […]

The Moment

Circumstances don’t matteronlyState of BEing matters Why? Everything IS EnergyYour thoughts and feelingscreateMattereach moment.What are you thinking and feelingNOWasthat createsYour tomorrows!!! Create an amazing day from this moment and watch how the magic starts!!   Jodi xo

Happy Holidays

No matter where you are or who you will be with or not during these times, I wish you all the best and may 2023 be your best year yet!!   The person who can sit with themselves with no distractions and just be, not feeling alone nor lonely is truly free!!   Jodi xo



  Early the other morning, I sat down with my cuppa in hand, closed my eyes and went inside, but all I could hear was Charlie Browns teacher waw waw waw. Talk about monkey mind, just breath, I told myself and just let it do it’s thing. I sat quietly, eyes closed, observing all the […]

A Moment in Time


are many, yet how many are fully experienced? We were dreamers once. Some of us still are. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for! I often have a hard to time to express myself through words, yet have tried. I love moments where I get lost in time and space, that is usually when […]