People of Antigua

People of Antigua   People fascinate me. I love people watching and I am alway curious about who they are, what kind of lives they have etc It was no different being in Antigua.     Other countries fascinate me – how they live, their cultures etc It leaves me with many questions – which […]

A Taste of Antigua

A Taste of Antigua   Just a few of the many photos I took – enjoy!!   If you’ve never been then I highly recommend to go. Antigua is about 45 mins outside of Guatemala City.     It’s beautiful, different, very old and has some amazing history.     Not to mention great cafes […]

Old Mexican Buildings

Old Mexican Buildings     Just took a 5 day little trek to the ocean for some fun in the sun – ok the beach!! On the way there we went to an old as in 200 yrs old garment factory that the front has been restored on and an open theatre has been created. […]

My Eagle Story


Eagles In the Eagle, there is all the wisdom of the world.   –  Lame Deer   I would like to share this little story because of my friend Sandra. The last few times we’ve spoken, she has mentioned several times every time someone comes into her reading room they comment on my eagle picture […]

Mexico Unseen

Mexico Unseen   A year of playing with different photography and learning how to use Photoshop – I finally gave in as my direction and creativity that is wanting to be expressed goes beyond a simple click or black and white.  I get to entwine it with diving deeper down the rabbit hole of Quantum […]

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any photos form Mexico and what a beautiful opportunity to share some of the photos and experience I got to take in yesterday. What an honouring and celebration of people who were very special in people’s lives and a releasing of their Souls. Enjoy!! xo […]



Mexico It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any photos of Mexico. As I wander around some small villages and towns were is so much to see!   I have found Mexicans to be quite friendly, happy and even though some are very poor still smile and say Good Morning!! No matter where we are in […]

Back in Canada

 Back in Canada I am back in Canada and last week had time with a couple of friends to capture some of the beauty of fall colors and also some images of ourselves in the fall beauty and  pushing the boundaries. Since starting to share my project Raw, Naked and Beautiful – people have been […]

Catching Up

Why We Do Yoga Wow what a crazy few weeks!! Mercury is in Retrograde and I decided to go back to Canada during this time -flying – travelling not always a great idea as I found out on my way back!  Lets just say I would never fly United Airlines again and letting others know […]

People in Cuba

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Cuba   As you may or may not know I spent the lat 10 days in Cuba!  I didn’t just go MIA 🙂 One of the places on my bucket list before it really changed as I so wanted to photograph there.   I don’t know where to begin with my experience – lets just […]

Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad   Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and everything else from Mexico – they decorate differently here!! 🙂 May you be filled with love, joy and gratitude and spread that around with even a smile during the holidays as not everyone has family and friends near.  We need more compassion in the world!! A little […]