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Amazing & Tasty Vegan Recipes by Jodi Burke

Not sure if you know or not, but over the course of the last 10 years, I wrote some ebooks  / kindle books along the way. They coincide with different stages in my life, being into energy therapies, vegan / raw foods, holistic health,  alternative things, yoga, photography, spirituality, EFT ( & many other modalities), […]

The Avatar Suit

What if………….. our body suit is like putting on a Halloween costume and going to a Halloween party, yet we forgot that and won’t leave the party!! Why? We think it’s pretty awesome at the party and want to stick around longer and keep experiencing it!! Yet, most, if not all of us through our […]

Come Join Me!!

I know, it’s been awhile!! Honestly, I’ve been laying low, making Kombucha, getting back into art and staying away from the anger, fear, uncertainty and craziness of the world. Follow the bread crumbs of Joy. It doesn’t matter what is going outside of you compared to what IS going on inside of you. Stay well […]

What IF….

What IF…. The Covid pandemic / lock down had to happen?? What IF it had to happen to help awaken society or maybe just you? 🙂 What IF it had to happen to bring ALL the darkness to light, all the corruption, lies and atrocities out to be seen, known and healed?  Therefore changed! From […]

Book Re-Lease

Hope this finds you well during these crazy, stressed times. I would like to ask a favour of you. I just re-wrote and re-released my book A Story of Our Souls, and feel it is the perfect time, as it is expanded and includes something similar to the times now. Things will probably not go […]

The Lover

    As I pulled back the covers and slipped out of bed I knew it would be the last time that I would be with my lover, We had connected and made passionate love, yet, in the moments after, came that feeling of uncertainty yet knowingness that the energy had shifted between us, the […]

Language of the Soul

Are you listening to the call from you Soul it’s that longing that keeps getting pushed down it’s the emptiness that never fills up it’s that loneliness that never leaves it’s that doubt that you keep dancing with and it only gets louder the dreams get more distant the heart gets more shut down as […]

7 Day Challenge – Do Something New

Kayak Boats

7 Day Challenge – Do Something New Ever since doing the 30 Day Photo Challenge, I felt there was something more, something different. I saw this Tedx talk the other day – and I thought to myself what a great idea!! For 365 days, this guy did something new every day, now that is stretching […]

30 Days of Photos #28

30 Days of Photos #28   This one is called Let Go When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone? Or just let your mind wonder off into dreams, other possibilities, been playful or had that childlike sense of wonder………. What if………???    

30 Days of Photos #27

30 Days of Photos #27 This one is called The Box The box represents mediocrity, conformity and security, all illusions. The truth is, You were never born to be in a box, break free and listen to your heart, it’s knows the truth of you! Jodi

30 Days of Photos #25

30 Days of Photos #25 This one I call Searching Whatever you are searching for, including the magic, is already inside of you. Just learn to lean into it, hear it, trust it and it’s not from your head! Jodi

30 Days of Photos #24

30 Days of Photos #24   After surrendering yesterday, I woke up today more energized and wanted to work on a new image here it is, it is called The Dance Letting go of what we think we know After surrendering yesterday, I came up with a different image than what I had started on. […]