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Amazing & Tasty Vegan Recipes by Jodi Burke

Not sure if you know or not, but over the course of the last 10 years, I wrote some ebooks  / kindle books along the way. They coincide with different stages in my life, being into energy therapies, vegan / raw foods, holistic health,  alternative things, yoga, photography, spirituality, EFT ( & many other modalities), […]

Black Friday Sale

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted I know :), I’ve been busy learning new art and brewing alot of Kombucha – another healthy form of being creative!! Wishing ALL my American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving and friends everywhere, I am grateful for being in my life, connecting with me here or anywhere else.  I […]

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  If this doesn’t concern you, check your pulse!   These people run our so called ‘health’ care systems. How they look and how the system is is actually a good match, and I could go down that rabbit hole, but this post isn’t about that. During this time, I realized even more how screw […]

My Journey with Food

My Journey with Food   It’s taken me a little while to write this as I truly wanted to be transparent as it hasn’t always been pretty.  For many many years I kept it quiet, hidden as much as possible as the shame, guilt and embarrassment was high. For many years I have had a […]

The End of a Chapter

The End of a Chapter     After a long embrace and the tender parting of a soft kiss, holding back tears we said so long for now and I got into my car and drove away. Just like the beginning of the drive down a road of twists and turns as it ran along […]

EFT, Food & U

EFT, Food & U If you are not familiar with EFT, it’s not short for Electronic Funds Transfer…’s short for Emotional Freedom Technique or otherwise known as Tapping. I believe that EFT is an amazing tool to help anyone overcome many things that may be holding them back. It’s energy physchology which is not new […]

It’s Time to Thrive…..

What does Thrive or thriving mean to you and do you feel you are doing it?? Dictionnary definition of thriving – to prosper; be fortunate or successful. To grow or develop vigorously; flourish I guess you could relate that to nature, if it’s not growing, it’s decaying or dying or barely surviving. What does thriving mean to you? Have you ever given it some thought before? […]

Creating a New Story…..

Have you ever thought to yourself I can create a new story?? How often do you hear yourself saying….. ‘I can’t do that’ (fill in that with whatever it is) ‘That’s too hard’ ‘Even if I look at_______ I gain 5 pounds.’ ‘I wouldn’t know what to say.’ ‘It’s in my genes (or nature).’ ‘I […]

Letting Go

    Letting Go Ahhhh summer is officially here…..finally!!!  How was your long weekend?? Ours was great.  I hope you really enjoyed yourself as that is what life is about each and every day. How many of you went camping or to family gatherings, picnics, beaches, etc?  Usually on these long weekends, especially when the […]


EFT, Food & You We have come along way since the days of the Hunters / Gatherer’s way of eating.  Food is everywhere and part of everything today.  So much of what we really call food is not even close to what real food is, especially here in North America.  Food & emotional eating and […]

EFT / Tapping

EFT / Tapping FREE on line Summit If you are new to the world and benefits of EFT, then I highly recommend learning from the best. This is a FREE on line event. I love EFT, using it, sharing it and it can benefit anyone with anything with the results being permanent!! EFT works well […]

Day 3 How to Use EFT During the Holidays

Welcome to Day 3 of The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways!!! Day 2’s winner was Angela Rae……..congratulations and I will be in touch!! Download the EFT manual here To be entered in the giveaway, leave a comment below on what you could use EFT for or what you have used it for.  Deadline is Monday […]